Customized solutions for individual challenges

FACTS for utilities
Customized solutions

Support when you need it, where you need it

Siemens offers customized solutions and services for every project. Our services cover all tasks from consulting on financing and project management to engineering, delivery, assembly, and commissioning, as well as after-sales services, dismantling, and recycling. 

Individual turnkey solutions

As standard we provide you with turnkey solutions including inhouse components for FACTS applications. Siemens services include all the necessary stages of the project, starting with initial consulting and a feasibility study, including a precise analysis of the requirements, local situation, and time frame. If needed, we can also provide assistance with our wide range of financing solutions.  

Customized FACTS

For utility applications, the solution for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges is rooted in the existing transmission infrastructure, but it uses it more efficiently. Our solutions are also available in a reasonable time frame, and reduce public opposition due to minimized landscape alterations. Our flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) are a powerful set of electric devices that can be very economically integrated at critical nodes in the transmission grid to provide the necessary stability and many other features. 

Voltage support

Taming peak-loads

Seasonal as well as climate changes can cause electric peak-loads that can lead to blackouts if not enough reactive power is provided in time. As these incidents can occur any time, the system needs to react dynamically and reliably. 

Increasing fluctuations

Load variations are a well-known phenomenon for transmission system operators. However, the increasing demand for power often leads to growing fluctuations due to seasonal or environmental influences. Electrical heating during winter or air-conditioning systems during summer can cause instantaneous electric peak-loads.

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Load balancing

Getting a grip on asymmetries

Fast and efficient load balancing for each phase is often required in areas with little space or in challenging environments, e.g. for metro stations in megacities. Therefore, utilities require enhanced solutions that combine the advantages of SVC solutions with less space requirements, less need for filtering and lower electrical losses.

A phase of trouble

In three-phase AC grids problems are often caused by temporarily increased load on one phase. That can happen for example in systems where metros or trains use the transmission system while passing by, or in historically developed infrastructures and cities.  

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Short circuit power

Mastering the integration of renewables

As more and more conventional power plants are switched off to give way for energy from renewable sources, short circuit power and inertia in the grids decreases. Same goes for regions where solar and wind power are used to satisfy the rapidly growing demand for electrical power.

Too short of short-circuit power

The increasing integration of energy from renewable sources in order to lower CO₂ emissions burdens the transmission grids. As conventional power plants feed in less power, there is also less short circuit power and inertia. Converter-based renewable power generation does not contribute short-circuit power to the transmission network and needs a certain level of it to operate stable.

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Stability of long-distance transmissions

Ensuring reliable power supply

Grid extension often can’t keep up with the increasing demand for electrical power. To provide industries and households with enough power, energy suppliers try to make better use of their existing grids. 

Need for higher transmission capacities

Regulatory requirements, costs or worries in society can complicate or even prevent the further extension of power grids. At the same time the global demand for power increases, leading to a search for new ways to get the most out of existing power lines.

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FACTS solutions all over the world

Siemens is active at all continents. With the worldwide references Siemens has proven experience with all environmental challenges all over the world. With FACTS projects executed up to the highest voltage level over the whole FACTS portfolio Siemens can call oneself world market and technology leader.