Our Blue partnerships and more


It’s working together that makes the energy transition work

At Siemens Energy, we see a partnership as much more than a simple supplier-client relationship. It goes way beyond the placing and delivery of an order. Rather, it’s a close alliance between both parties. We work together towards a shared goal, co-creating the end solution by exchanging ideas and expertise at every stage. This collaborative, interactive approach is one we have followed from the earliest days in the development of the Blue portfolio. We partnered with Iljin Electric to produce the first SF6-free 170kV GIS with vacuum technology in 2018. It’s an approach we have found to be mutually beneficial in every case. Innovation is boosted on both sides, costs are shared and the optimal solution is reached more quickly.

How partnerships are already playing a key role in projects around the world

A collective commitment

Together with five other leading power equipment manufacturers, we have formed a powerful alliance to eliminate F-gases from switchgear: the Switching Gears for Net Zero Alliance.


We are driving the shift towards new technologies based on natural origin gases and calling on policymakers to legislate towards this goal. Specifically:

  • Switchgear relying on F-gases must be phased out where clean alternatives are commercially available
  • Reporting obligations on the use of F-gases must be extended
  • EU policymakers should support the European commission’s ambitious timeframe for phasing out F-gases in power grids

Our shared aim is to prevent harm to the environment and to human health. And our shared message is simple: power grids can and should be F-gas-free.

Mitsubishi Electric

Siemens Energy has signed a formal agreement with Mitsubishi Electric to work closely together on the development of high-voltage switchgear with zero GWP.  Methods for scaling up the application of clean air insulation technology to higher voltage are being researched, with a 245kV dead-tank circuit breaker being the first joint project.  This collaboration will speed up the availability of cleaner solutions for customers around the world.

Blue is honored!

Siemens Energy is the winner of this years TransnetBW supplier award in the category sustainability.

We would like to say "Thank you!" to our customers, who put so much trust into our sustainable products, with Zero compromise in environmental protection and performance.


Image: TransnetBW award winners from left to right: Dr. Ulf Katschinski and Markus Klinner from Siemens Energy

A partnership. A pledge.

Together with other leading electrical transmission and distribution (T&D) manufacturers, we have signed a joint commitment to deliver equipment free of F-gases and PFAS-gases. In conjunction with the increasing use of renewable energy sources, we will make truly sustainable, climate-neutral power grids a reality and facilitate the transition to net zero emission economies.