CAREPOLE: dry-type pole-mounted transformers


The eco-friendly alternative for safer and more reliable distribution grids

The pole-mounted dry-type CAREPOLE turns power distribution systems into safer, more environmentally friendly grids. Optimally protected by its cast-resin enclosure against normal and harsh environmental conditions, this maintenance-free transformer enables reliable operation while reducing total costs of ownership.

The award presented to Siemens-Energy at the 2022 Electric Utility Industry Sustainable Supply Chain Alliance annual conference in Scottsdale, AZ on September 29th.

CAREPOLE was selected for EUISSCA Sustainably Supply Chain Award

Our latest, innovative dry-type transformer, CAREPOLE was selected for 2022 EUISSCA Sustainable Supply Chain Award! CAREPOLE is an eco-friendly alternative for safer and more reliable distribution grids. 

Technology and Benefits

Our environmentally friendly CAREPOLE is setting new standards

Are you in need of a reliable, digital (Sensformer), eco-friendly and durable cast-resin transformer? We have an answer for you: CAREPOLE.

CAREPOLE was developed by Siemens Energy for your overhead distribution line networks. CAREPOLE answers the challenges which transformers can possibly meet. Its windings are sealed with cast resin under vacuum, separated from the core, and the insulation is solid and resist the dielectric loads in the distribution network. The cast resin also protects your unit against severe weather conditions. High- and low-voltage bushings are cast in one piece with the windings. This technical design makes CAREPOLE especially reliable and unsusceptible to failures. Do you need an off-load tap changer? We can provide one near one of the top high-voltage bushings. It is set via a patented tap panel when the transformer is de-energized.  

Your CAREPOLE withstands any weather conditions and ensures a reliable operation. The winding surfaces and core are in direct contact with the ambient air, resulting in efficient natural heat exchange. The frame surrounding the core creates a solid mechanical structure that protects the unit against corrosion and direct sunlight. The frame also serves as a lifting and fastening mechanism for the transformer. A special manufacturing process and advanced sealing compound ensure low­noise operation and perfect contact between frame and core. The core is wound from high­quality electrical steel. The solid insulation of CAREPOLE is stable under all weather conditions and prevents moisture from penetrating the windings and core.

CAREPOLE can withstand higher temperatures than liquid-filled transformers, due to the solid insulation. Accordingly, CAREPOLE units can be overloaded for longer periods of peak demand and can better withstand short-circuit effects.

One key factor of the energy market is sustainability. CAREPOLE makes power distribution grids safer and more environmentally friendly because it operates without flammable mineral oil-based insulating fluids. The cast resin used as insulation and for the body of the transformer has excellent electrical and mechanical properties, and is environmentally friendly and self­extinguishing. CAREPOLE does not pose any risk to water sources or nature reserves caused by oil leaks, tank explosions, soil contamination or fires in the event of a fault. Besides, CAREPOLE does not lose any fuel in the case of an external fire. These features can reduce the costs of liability insurance. They also increase the reliability of the distribution grid.

CAREPOLE can be ordered as a SensformerTM, with digital features to optimize operations. It can be equipped with sensors and an IoT device that securely transmits operational data to an analytics and visualization platform. As an operator you benefit from real-time insights into asset health and fleet status. Thanks to these digital features, failures can be localized and rectified as quickly as possible, or often even avoided by identifying operational irregularities at an early stage. This level of transparency, generated by CAREPOLE, will help to further increase the reliability of your distribution grid.

CAREPOLE is very efficient in operation, and power loss is reduced to an absolute minimum. CAREPOLE is nearly maintenance-free, so your maintenance costs are negligible. Service activities are limited to checking the installation, vegetation conditions and wildlife management. The unit has a service life of 25+ years, so there is no need to replace or change it during this time.

You can directly replace liquid­filled overhead distribution transformers by CAREPOLE units of identical electrical power. They have identical fixing mechanisms to the pole and have been specifically developed for urban, rural or coastal outdoor installation. Installation and grid connection are particularly simple. Since CAREPOLE is a solid unit, it can be mounted at almost any angle on the pole and energized immediately after installation.


You can order your CAREPOLE in the single-phase power range from 10 kVA to 100 kVA. It offers a maximum voltage capacity of 36 kV, and can be equipped with a tap changer (± 2 x 2.5%), one or two high­voltage bushings and other accessories typical for overhead distribution transformers (e.g. surge arresters).

Quality standards

CAREPOLE from Siemens Energy offers you the highest safety standards and complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

CAREPOLE meets the product requirements of the following standards:

  • IEEE C57.12.01. “Standard for General Requirements for Dry Type Distribution and Power Transformers”
  • IEEE C57.12.20. “Standard for Overhead Type Distribution Transformers 500 kVA and Smaller: High Voltage, 34,500 V and Below; Low voltage, 7,970 / 13,800 Y V and Below”.
  • Efficiency in accordance with the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE).
  • Other requirements as dictated by customers’ standards.

Siemens Energy is closely monitoring the development of transformer regulations worldwide, e.g. the European Ecodesign Directive and US DoE rules. Siemens Energy adheres to the rules and regulations communicated, for example, in the US and Europe, and complies with all relevant requirements for every transformer product that we supply. As a trustworthy and responsible partner, Siemens Energy understands the importance of these regulations and will continue to monitor potential future requirements. We will continue to adapt and comply with all relevant regulatory changes.


CAREPOLE is equipped with the following accessories:

  • Surge arrester (on request)
  • Lifting lugs
  • Mounting bracket
  • Transformer ground connector
  • Low-voltage ground
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