Transmission Products Webinars

Did you miss a webinar or do you want to review one of our current ones? Just take a look at the list blow and enjoy.

Sensformer – the digital transformer

The Sensformer merges physics and information – turning transformers into info-hubs. A smart and robust IoT gateway securely transmits the minimum amount of required information to a cloud-based storage and visualization platform. In addition, the Sensformer provides an open platform that enables co-creation of customer-centric use cases and applications. Operators get a comprehensive and quick overview about their assets and can improve their operation by utilizing the offered visualization and analytics possibilities.

Innovation in transformers – alternative liquids on the rise

Insulating liquids in transformers provide insulation, cooling and even improved diagnostics. The use of alternative liquids in transformers is an innovation driven by key challenges facing the modern world such as growing demand for electricity in megacities, dwindling resources and a move towards sustainability necessitated by climate change. It is beneficial for transformer operators to be well informed about the potential benefits of using alternative liquids in transformers in order to respond to these challenges and move towards sustainability.

Phase shifter technology and applications

Power grid congestion occurs when too much power is flowing through a line or section of the network. There may however be spare capacity on an alternative line. This is where phase shifter technology comes in. Phase shifters can solve this problem by shifting power to a parallel line, thereby removing the need for the potentially costly installation of new lines or cables.

Dry type cast resin transformers

Dry type cast resin transformers have many advantages when compared to their liquid filled counterparts. For example they have a straightforward installation process, do not necessitate a fire control system and can be repaired on-site. Dry type transformers are the obvious choice when fire safety is of the upmost importance but there are space restrictions which prevent the installation of alternate measures such as fire walls at the transformer location. They can therefore potentially present transformer operators with cost savings on infrastructure.

Pretact – React in advance

Learn about the most advanced resiliency concept for transformers available today: Any kind of interruption could be a nightmare for today’s energy industry. The consequences of such events can be disastrous for the concerned companies as well as for their customers. In the webinar we will demonstrate how utilities and industrial users can benefit from Siemens Transformers resiliency concept that is based on three levels: PREVENT – PROTECT – REACT. Enhance and manage increasingly complex transformer fleets.

Pretact – on-demand mobile resilience transformer leasing

When an emergency strikes or severe weather rolls into their service territories, electric utilities in the U.S. can now lease a Siemens PRETACT Plug & Play GSU Reslience Transformer. With this on-demand access, asset owners can quickly replace an out-of-service transformer across several voltage ratings and configurations to restore power quickly for customers.

Grid stabilization with variable shunt reactor technology

Learn more about reactive power compensation and typical applications, differences between fixed and variable shunt reactors as well as technical aspects of variable shunt reactors and the on-load tap changer. A special focus during this webinar is on a typical business case to demonstrate the economic side of the topic.