Webinar: Preparing transformers for the Internet of Energy – with Sensformer

What is the webinar about?

The newly introduced Sensformer merges physics and information – turning transformers into info-hubs. A smart and robust IoT gateway securely transmits the minimum amount of required information to a cloud-based storage and visualization platform. In addition, the Sensformer provides an open platform that enables co-creation of customer-centric use cases and applications. Operators get a comprehensive and quick overview about their assets and can improve their operation by utilizing the offered visualization and analytics possibilities.   When? June 28, 2018; 09:00 - 10:00 AM EDT (15:00 - 16:00 PM CEST)   Do you want to join the webinar? Please click here to register 


Digitalization of energy systems

Do you want to learn more about digitalization technologies and opportunities in the energy business? The Whitepaper “Digitalization of energy systems” by Bloomberg New Energy Finance is focusing on how digitalization is shaping the energy industry. The paper examines the current impact of digital assets in the power infrastructure and gives an outlook on future drivers and opportunities in this business field. Get your personal copy: