History made in Dresden as the 3,000th transformer leaves the transformer plant

July 2021

Over 100 years of experience in constructing power and industrial transformers in the heart of Saxony

Since its foundation in 1904, the Dresden transformer factory has gained more than one hundred years of experience in the design and manufacture of medium power and industrial transformers. In 1995, a Center of Competence was established for special transformers destined for industrial applications. Today, the technical expertise of Siemens Energy for this transformer type with power ratings up to 330 MVA and voltage ranges up to 420 kV is pooled in Dresden. The Dresden factory employs 210 people and has an annual production volume of approximately 120 transformers. The factory’s 3,000th transformer was delivered to SachsenEnergie, a long-time customer, at the end of June, and will be put into operation by July 2021.

Creating a reliable, secure and sustainable power transmission network in the Dresden region

The Dresden factory’s 3,000th transformer was manufactured as part of an order for a total of 8 transformers, and has a rating of 40 MVA and a voltage level of 110 kV. On June 25, the transformer with a weight of 81 tons was transported to Dresden-Nord substation and handed over to the operator SachsenNetze, a subsidiary of SachsenEnergie. The substation, which was built in 2009, supplies electricity to customers in the semiconductor industry, private households and commercial customers in the northern area of Dresden.



“As a grid operator, we ensure reliable power distribution by aligning our power grids to the requirements of our customers. Due to the increased demand for electricity from the chip industry in the north of Dresden, it was necessary to install a new transformer at the Dresden-Nord substation. We’re proud of our longstanding relationship with Siemens Energy’s transformer plant in Dresden, and look forward to future projects together,” 
says Dr. Kathrin Kadner, CEO of SachsenNetze.

Demand for electricity has increased enormously in recent years, particularly in the semiconductor industry, so the challenge now is to ensure a safe and reliable energy supply. The ordered power transformers have been specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirements, with particular focus on the lowest possible probability of failure in future operation. An additional challenge was to achieve the particularly low noise limit of only 71dB, required due to the substation’s proximity to the city of Dresden. This 3,000th transformer was manufactured for power losses below the required European EcoDesign Guideline standard. This ensures that our customer receives a highly efficient, low-loss transformer. It is also worth mentioning that the transformer is specially designed to facilitate transport to other substations without dismantling its accessories. 

Siemens Energy Dresden – where longstanding tradition meets innovative drive 

The Dresden transformer plant is mastering current challenges by finding innovative solutions for enhancing efficiency, reliability, sustainability, and digitalization. In terms of digitalization, the Dresden factory’s vision is to become one of the first smart transformer plants focusing both on digitalization in manufacturing and digitally enhanced products.

For a few years, the factory has built Sensformer® - transformers with inbuilt connectivity and intuitive apps to monitor important information and provide additional value added to customers. All Sensformers are equipped with direct measurement of oil level, top oil temperature, low voltage winding current and GPS location by default. Sensformers can be enhanced with a digital twin feature, which virtually simulates the physical asset’s performance nearly in real-time to increase productivity and availability, offering temporary overloads without compromising on lifetime. Data are available anytime and anywhere.

Sustainability plays an important role at the transformer factory not only in manufacturing, but also in logistics. The strong customer relationships with local energy suppliers ensure that the transformers have short transport routes, and thus have the smallest logistics-induced carbon footprint possible. Despite today's global sales network, the Dresden factory has a strong presence in its home region and has never lost touch with local businesses.

Siemens Energy power transformers contribute to strengthening local power supply

Delivery of the Dresden transformer factory’s 3,000th transformer to the customer SachsenEnergie has strengthened Siemens Energy’s relationship with this local energy supplier. In total, over one third of SachsenEnergie’s transformer inventory consists of transformers from Siemens Energy – clear testimony to the fact that this customer relationship, ongoing for over 30 years now, is marked by great trust in the products from Siemens Energy.

“We’re proud of our longstanding partnership with SachsenEnergie! This mutual trust has thrived for over 30 years already, and we’re delighted that this cooperation has allowed us to contribute our part to ensuring a reliable power supply in Saxony,”
says Martin Sigmund, General Manager Siemens Energy Transformers Dresden

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