Increased power supply efficiency and reliability for the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

Efficient power supply for Dubai


The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) provides electricity and water for Dubai. In anticipation of deregulation, state-owned DEWA segregated their businesses into two parts: a Distribution Control Center (DCC) and a Transmission Control Center (TCC). The DCC’s Global Ranger System (GRS) had exceeded its lifespan and needed to be exchanged, and the TCC wanted to strengthen its reliability and availability. What’s more, both businesses wanted to increase their operational efficiency through state-of-the-art energy management systems with advanced application functions.


For DCC, Siemens’ turnkey answer included the Siemens Spectrum Power 4 DMS, two new distribution control centers, adapting the substation by adding communication ports in existing remote terminal units and station control systems, extending the existing communication system, and migrating data from the old GRS.


For TCC, Siemens also embarked on a turnkey project. The services supplied included Siemens Spectrum Power Energy Management Systems, connections to power plants and a 400/132-kV substation, and an extension of the communications system.


Siemens’ complete solution delivers the desired overall increase in efficiency.


The DCC benefits from advanced functions for distribution studies and planning. Network losses can now be minimized by examining, for example, the impact of short circuits, installing intelligent alarm processing, and receiving suggestions for feeder reconfiguration to restore services after fault occurrence. Those functions and tools also support contingency planning and outage management to improve various service key performance indicators. In addition, advanced stability study functions improve blackout prevention. The TCC’s advantage lies in its high network stability and increased efficiency in transmission operations. Advanced generation control functions guarantee a reliable power supply.


Thanks to Siemens’ powerful Multisite application, DEWA now profits from a highly reliable and available energy management system.