8VN1 Blue GIS

The first order of an 8VN1 switchgear in Denmark

Cerius is the first utility in Denmark to order a Clean Air insulated switchgear with vacuum switching technology.
April 2020

Zero CO2 emissions

More and more grid operators are taking steps to lower CO2 emissions over the operational lifecycle of their equipment. To reach the future target of net-zero emissions they are switching to environmentally friendly ways of power transmission. They are also making investments in technologies with Zero emissions and materials with lowest emissions while increasing customer awareness of the benefits of decarbonized lifestyles.

Customers rely on the Blue portfolio of Siemens Energy

To address these challenges, Danish distribution system operator Cerius, owned by SEAS-NVE, has ordered the first gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) from Siemens Energy’s Blue portfolio.  The company is no stranger to innovation. As a leader in testing emerging power grid technologies, SEAS-NVE has ordered vacuum circuit breakers from Siemens in the 1970s. Since 2010, Cerius has also operated Siemens Energy’ Blue air-insulated circuit breakers with vacuum interrupter unit in the 72.5 kV voltage range.


Soon, five bays of the new 8VN1 Blue GIS for voltage ranges up to 145 kV will be installed and connected to the 72.5 kV grid substation located in Lille Skensved - close to Copenhagen.

It is important for Cerius to be a leader and actively support the green transition where possible. SF6 gas is a greenhouse gas with the highest global warming potential and, if emitted, stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years. That is why we have been looking for a better and more climate-friendly alternative to SF6. 
Cerius CEO Birger Bagger Mikkelsen

Siemens Energy Transmission offers a comprehensive portfolio of environmentally friendly products and systems. With the Blue portfolio, power grids are extended to the highest level of safety. The Blue portfolio also helps greatly reduce operators’ ecological footprints without having to compromise on performance and economic feasibility.

Siemens Energy is committed to helping our customers, like Cerius, achieve their environmental and business goals. This first 8VN1 order highlights our approach to combining our Clean Air insulation with our vacuum switching technology and will pave the way for future environmentally-friendly installations.
Peter Weinreich-Jensen, CEO, Siemens Energy – Denmark

Innovative, resilient and environmentally friendly products for highest requirements

Customers can rely on Siemens Energy’s more than five decades of operational experience of GIS. This latest order from Cerius will increase the 8VN1 order intake reach to more than 100 bays.


We are highly aware of our customers’ increasing demands for environmentally friendly transmission products. We fully meet these demands by offering them innovative, resilient and environmentally friendly products out of our blue portfolio.
Dr. Ulf Katschinski, Vice President of the business unit Switching Products and Systems of Siemens Energy Transmission

Part of our Blue portfolio the 8VN1 switchgear is the only future-proof and climate neutral alternative for power transmission with Zero F-gases. Its vacuum interrupter unit is ideally suited for frequent switching operations throughout its lifetime. Hermetical sealing ensures it is maintenance free and eliminates problems from decomposition products. The clean air insulation media has no impact on the environment. As a differentiator to other gas alternatives, the 8VN1 switchgear has a global warming potential of Zero. Switchgear with clean air insulation can be operated at low temperatures down to -60°C without degrading effects during operation. Siemens Energy’s clean air insulated Blue products also eliminate expenses from mandatory handling, recycling and reporting as required for fluorinated greenhouse gases, mainly in the EU.


The Pretact® concept of Siemens Energy Transmission was introduced to maximize the resilience of modern power grids. It comprises a comprehensive set of modular features to prevent and protect transformers and high-voltage products better from operational issues as well against natural disasters or forced outages. In addition, highly flexible “mobile resilience units” provide a chance to react quickly in case of an emergency or planned maintenance.

UN sustainability goals

As a leader in innovations with comprehensive, connective and sustainable portfolio, Siemens Energy Transmission is supporting the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals number 3 “good health and well-being”, 7 “Affordable and clean energy”, 8 “Decent work and economic growth”, 9 “Industry, innovation and infrastructure", 11 “Sustainable cities and communities”, 14 “Life below water” and 15 "Living on land".

Siemens Energy Transmission

Transmission products play a vital role in the energy value chain. Siemens Energy Transmission offers all key elements including power transformers, gas-insulated and / or air-insulated switchgear and components, individually or bundled, with related engineering and service. Our global factory network and innovations help provide the highest level of quality and reliability to support our customers’ operational and environmental objectives.