Live remote monitoring system for Factory Acceptance Tests

First live remote monitoring system for Factory Acceptance Tests has been successfully implemented in Siemens Transformers factory in Mexico. The Siemens Transformers factory in Mexico has tested and implemented a remote system for customers to watch the Factory Acceptance Test without travelling. 

Factory Acceptance Test as project milestone

An important milestone of each transformer project is the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT). This process is proof that the equipment is manufactured according to the contract specifications and ready to be installed on site. Normally the FAT must be conducted formally and be witnessed by the customer. However, as there are some instances where this isn’t possible, the Siemens Transformers factory in Mexico offers a unique opportunity for customers based outside of Mexico to witness the FAT without the need to travel. 

First factory with live remote monitoring system

Siemens Transformers Mexico is the first transformer factory worldwide to offer a live remote system for FATs. As a preparation, about twelve cameras have to be installed in the factory. The customer can then watch the FAT from their own location. The cameras provide high quality video so that the remote experience can replace an on-site factory visit to witness the FAT. 

No travel costs

Thanks to the live remote FAT, customers can save time, money and resources. The remote observation provides transparency and reliability through the manufacturing and testing processes. “This tool is a unique possibility to witness the milestone Factory Acceptance Test without travelling – especially for our US-customers”, summarizes Dr. Beatrix Natter, CEO of Siemens Transformers. All conducted live remote monitoring tests were successful and customers are showing a high level of satisfaction with this new tool.