SGT-400 gas turbine at SEAT

The heart of one of the most efficient manufacturing plants in Europe. In 2011, SEAT decided to upgrade their power plant with the latest variant of the SGT-400 (15 MW) gas turbine to make energy production more efficient and sustainable. Today the plant generates 40% of the power and over 90% of the thermal energy required for production, and helps to improve the environmental footprint of the production facility in Martorell, Spain.
Martorell production facility

One of Europe's most modern car manufacturing facilities

The Martorell production facility, located about 30 kilometers from Barcelona, was officially opened in February 1993 and is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Europe. More than 8,000 employees work in three shifts producing approximately 2,300 cars per day. The site is powered by a SGT-400 gas turbine running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, generating 40% of the electrical power and over 90% of the thermal energy required by the plant.
Every minute a car is produced in each of the lines. [...] You need to have a certain level of productivity, and very high efficiency. This implies having very robust processes.
Javier Pérez, Maintenance Manager SEAT Martorell

A new turbine for highest efficiency and lower emissions

In 2011, SEAT decided to replace their existing turbine. The installed SGT-400 (15 MW) provides the plant with power and thermal energy for their processes. It was chosen because of its great efficiency and low emission values. SEAT took the challenge and installed the first model of the new series, and they'll reap the long-term rewards.

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Industrial energy

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A challenging start

The first SGT-400 (15 MW) version worldwide

The SGT-400 (15 MW) version is the most efficient gas turbine on the market in its power class. Convinced by its successful long-term partnership with Siemens, SEAT decided to take the risk of being the first to install this turbine. Through constant collaboration built on a strong relationship, SEAT and Siemens engineers and service colleagues succeeded in not only exceeding the promised outcome but actually optimizing the SGT-400 (15 MW).
For SEAT it's a key element to run the turbine for 24 hours, 365 days a year.
Jordi Vera Sune, Account Manager Siemens AG


Our field service at SEAT Martorell production facility

Siemens services the SGT-400 (15 MW) gas turbine at the SEAT Martorell production facility within a Corrective Long Term Program (LTP) that completely covers long-term maintenance needs of the installation. As part of the program, SEAT has access to and utilizes local skilled field service personnel and 24-hour support from a technical helpdesk.

Facts and data

SGT-400 (15 MW) gas turbine

The gas turbine was chosen because it offered the maximum performance compared to its competitors. On paper it rated at 34.6% efficiency and we can see that it's currently at 35.4%.
Enrique López Blanco, Cogeneration Manager SEAT Martorell

Robust twin-shaft turbine with highest efficiency in its power class

The SGT-400 is a simple, robust twin-shaft gas turbine suitable for both power generation and mechanical drive applications. The product services the 10 – 15 MW power range and can be used in all climates, both onshore and offshore. The SGT-400 gas turbine offers the highest efficiency in its power class and incorporates the latest aerodynamic and combustion technologies.

The benefits

An investment that pays off

Although its current turbine still worked fine, SEAT upgraded at the end of 2011 to the top model from the Siemens Environmental Portfolio. The gas turbine SGT-400, with improved output and overall fuel efficiency, uses much less natural gas than the previously installed turbine while delivering the same output. This means that the upgrade pays for itself and also improves the eco-footprint of the SEAT production site.

Facts that speak for themselves


  months without involuntary stoppages

100 %

proven reliability between 10/2016 and 12/2017

>90 %

total efficiency in the cogeneration plant

“There is love for detail in everything we do, and there was a project that was especially important [...] for the Martorell plant and for our sustainability as a company: The development of the entire cogeneration plant in Martorell. Siemens was a very important partner for us in implementing this project." Javier Pérez, Maintenance Manager SEAT Martorell

Siemens solutions

Your trusted partner for tailor-made solutions

Along with the new gas turbine, various other Siemens solutions were installed in the production line, like electric motors that drive the assembly lines and elevators, soft starters and frequency converters, skid conveyors in the body shop, and much more. They all aim to make the production more efficient.  

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