Sensformer® recognized for IOT disruptive technology in prestigious NASSCOM awards

The Sensformer project has been awarded second place in the IOT category of NASSCOM’s disruptive technologies award. Read more to find out why. 

Recognition from the apex body of India’s IT & Business Process Management industry

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is a not-for-profit Indian consortium, created to promote the development of the country’s IT industries. NASSCOM is the premier trade body and chamber of commerce for the tech industry in India, comprising over 2800 member companies. These include both Indian and multinational organizations who have a presence in India. For their annual technology awards, NASSCOM invited case studies and projects, that highlight innovative solutions in three disruptive technology categories; IOT, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning.

Sensformer: paving the way for the ‘Internet of Energy’

By leveraging IOT and Cloud platforms, Sensformer® has immense potential in changing the classical and conventional approach to grid asset management. Offering real time operational data, anytime and anywhere, the Sensformer enables more informed decision making and effective asset management on the grid network.


Due to these advancements in the IOT field, the Sensformer project was awarded second place in its respective category, with Siemens being the only international company in the top three. This highlights the proficiency of Siemens to translate design concepts into global paradigm-shifting technologies. 

Continuing to digitalize transmission products and systems

Recognition of the Sensformer on such a reputable platform, is testament to Siemens’ expertise in disruptive technologies. Through Siemens’ dedication to innovation, customers can gain a new dimension of benefits through the merging of physics and information technology, paving the way for the new digital age.


Since the initial release of the Sensformer, Siemens has further explored the opportunities that digitalization can provide, with the subsequent release of the Sensgear and Sensformer advanced. Sensgear expands the initial digitalization concept to all other substation assets such as switchgear, circuit-breakers, disconnectors, instrument transformers, surge-arresters and coil products, enabling a more integrated overview of the grid network. Furthermore, Sensformer advanced offers extra insights through additional sensors and a digital twin model, allowing grid operators to better manage temporary overloads and optimize longevity. Even a year after the initial release of the Sensformer, Siemens is continuously striving to change the future of energy transmission.

We are proud of being one of the top 3 from over 100 entries and amongst six finalists. This confirms our vision in changing industry paradigms with our IoT Strategy for Transmission Products and Systems.
Dr. Beatrix Natter, CEO Siemens Transmission Products

Siemens Transmission Products

Transmission products play a vital role in the energy value chain. Siemens Transmission Products offers all key elements including power transformers, gas-insulated and / or air-insulated switchgear and components, individually or bundled, with related engineering. With our global factory network and leading innovations we provide the highest level of quality and reliability to support our customers in achieving their objectives.