Testing with the digital twin

A complex step of the production process is being digitalized in the Siemens Transformers factory in Nuremberg – this cuts costs, is more precise and shortens the production lead time.. In the past, a new active part had to be placed into its tank in a complex and time-consuming process in order to test if it fitted. The Siemens Transformers factory in Nuremberg has now made this process more efficient with the help of a digital twin.

Testing of the active part in the tank

The so-called ‘test assembly’ is a complicated and time-consuming step in the production process. The active part of a transformer (an assembly of the core, windings and lead connection) must be placed into the tank (the steel structure that forms the housing for the active part and is sealed with a cover) and measured before it is dried in the oven – a time-consuming step which takes anywhere from a number of hours to days. With the help of a digital twin, this process has now become significantly more efficient.

Digital twin created by a 3D scanner

A 3D laser scanner now captures both the tank and the active part. With the help of these digital images, the transformer experts can test the distances and the dimensions on the digital twin. A false color comparison highlights incorrect dimensions very precisely. If required, the active part can then be reworked in order to correct any distances which are off.

Time effective and extremely precise

This new measuring method is not just time-saving but also more accurate and more reliable. This is because with the help of the digital method, areas are now visible which were not previously accessible – critical areas can therefore be thoroughly checked.


“This digital solution underlines once more the innovation leadership of our products, also in manufacturing. Time savings and further perfection of our product quality are a real benefit for our customers”, comments Dr. Beatrix Natter, CEO of Siemens Transmission Products.


After the successful implementation of this technology in the manufacturing of transformers at Siemens, it is also currently under trial for quality inspection of supplied parts as well; e.g. for verification of the size accuracy of large components.