New Web-Eye technology for transformer services

Modern Web-Eye technology enables remote servicing of distribution transformers, providing an effective time saving solution  . Thanks to Web-Eye technology, customers can get the servicing solution they need without the wait. Distribution transformers can be serviced remotely regardless of location, meaning that customers in difficult to access locations can quickly gain access to expert guidance from a Siemens technician. 

The challenges of traditional asset servicing

In the event that a distribution transformer requires maintenance during its lifetime, the logistical process of getting a technician to the asset to carry out the maintenance can pose certain challenges. For example, in the case of units located in offshore wind parks, reaching the asset can be a challenge in itself. In addition, it is not always as simple as travelling to the location. Sometimes visa and travel restrictions also delay the process. 

Servicing simplified with Web-Eye technology

Siemens is utilizing digitalization to provide innovative solutions in many different areas and Web-Eye technology is no exception. This technology, which was pioneered by the Siemens Transformer Factory in Weiz, removes many of the constraints associated with traditional asset servicing and provides the customer with more flexibility. As long as there is an internet connection on-site and the customer has created an account with the software, a Siemens technician can guide on-site professionals through the process of carrying out the required maintenance or repair work. 

Faster and more flexible

The key benefit of Web-Eye technology is that the customer saves time and the asset continues to operate at its full potential. This technology has already successfully been used to provide remote servicing and the potential time saving and efficiency benefits that it offers going forwards are huge.      „Web-Eye technology is a prime example of where Siemens is able to use digitalization to offer an innovative solution which truly benefits customers“, says Dr. Beatrix Natter, CEO of Siemens Transformers. 
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