Asset performance management (APM) for power plants

Asset Performance Management for Power Plants

A powerful solution for optimizing performance and reducing operations and maintenance costs. The future of power generation is now.
APM for Power Plants

Siemens Gas and Power is uniquely positioned to provide Asset Performance Management for power plants

  • Power plant and OEM expertise: Siemens supplies assets, builds components, designs and runs complete Gas turbine, Combined Cycle and Steam power plants.  All assets support digitalization through intelligent Diagnostic Engines or cloud-based algorithms.
  • Consulting services: several departments within Siemens focus on consulting, and Reliability assessment is done by power plant professionals.
  • Mature software platform: Bentley provides a mature software platform (Bentley AssetWise Reliability) that is already industry standard. It enables complex, large-scale APM to be implemented at pace and delivered as a service.
  • Delivery capabilities: Siemens provides implementation and project management services from onboarding of power plants to complex programs such as roll-out of APM to fleets of power plants.
  • Siemens operates one of the biggest cloud platforms in the world. Central parts of APM like the data lake and Asset Reliability Management run in the cloud to provide high security, global access to information and unrivaled processing capabilities at affordable costs.


Together, Siemens and Bentley enable all of the key components of advanced APM solutions, from risk-based inspection and reliability-centered maintenance.

How APM Works

Optimize plant performance and reduce operations and maintenance costs

Siemens APM is a ready-to-implement, automated solution, designed to make asset maintenance easy, so plants and fleets can focus on what they do best: delivering reliable energy with increased profitability.

Technical Paper: Asset Performance Management 4.0: Predict with Confidence within the Digital Twin

This technical review focuses on asset performance management technologies for Industry 4.0 as applied directly to the Power Generation industry. As we move from digitalization strategy to digital transformation, we use the Digital Twin to gain prediction insights and to enhance day-to-day processes for better business outcomes. See the technology behind the story, to visualize and contextualize data exactly when and where needed for effective operational, maintenance and engineering decisions. Digital Twins play a vital role towards bridging the gap between CapEx and Opex to lower total cost of ownership and deliver optimal return on asset. 


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