DigiHub Barcelona

Decarbonization and Digitalization are the primary challenges in the energy sector today. At DigiHub Barcelona, Siemens Energy experts and customers, together with universities and start-ups can co-innovate to create new business models, implement digital solutions and tackle the challenges in the path to decarbonization.

Who we are

DigiHub Barcelona is a space for open dialogue and new ideas, encouraging collaboration between companies, universities and start-ups and thereby creating an environment favorable to innovation.

Our open and digital mindset makes us the right partner for our customers in both Digitalization and Energy Transition, focusing on their challenges and needs through a holistic, consultative approach using proven methodologies.

In the very sense of being a “hub”, we are the nexus when it comes to Digitalization and Decarbonization in the energy sector. We connect the right subject matter experts and act as an innovation center that actively drives the advancement of digital and decarbonization solutions. 

Since the creation of the DigiHub in 2018, we bring together Siemens Energy businesses, startups and energy experts under one roof. We are part of the global network of Siemens Energy DigiHubs, leading the holistic and consultative methodology approach and actively supporting customers in regions Europe and Africa.

At the Digital Hub in Barcelona, tomorrow's digital solutions will be developed in direct collaboration with our customers in the energy sector. It provides the ideal environment to co-create innovative digital solutions tailored to the needs of the industry.
Oliver Pozo, Director of #DigiHubBarcelona

What we do

Why Barcelona?

Siemens Energy has chosen Barcelona as the headquarters of this digital solutions center because it is one of the largest hubs for innovation and start-ups in Europe.

The city benefits from a broad ecosystem of start-ups, first-class R&D laboratories, international customers, and the ability to attract regional and international talent.


Located at the crossing point between our customers in Europe and Africa, Barcelona is the ideal place to host Siemens Energy’s DigiHub. Running a nice working space environment to receive teams in a smart, zero emissions building, you can come over and check us out, or rather get a hybrid or fully digital session with us.


Customer Journey

The DigiHub is “making real what matters” with our proven methodology based on absolute customer centricity to guide our customers on their journey towards digitalization and decarbonization.

Our interactive workshops are engaging experiences to openly share ideas and think out-of-the box by jointly exploring key pain points and identifying prioritized areas for collaboration. Our customer journeys are tailor-made for each customer and supported by Siemens Energy subject matter experts. We work hand in hand to identify the most suitable solutions that fit current and future needs and to explore, develop and co-create innovative digital solutions.


Under the premise of absolute transparency, we bring the right knowledge into the discussion to solve problems and overcome challenges – involving our customers and Siemens Energy digitalization and energy transition experts right from the start.

Customer Success Stories

And many other examples of innovative out-of-the box results



Want to get a first-hand experience of Siemens Energy’s digitalization and decarbonization solutions? Come visit us in person at the DigiHub in Barcelona or get in touch to organize a remote hybrid session. Our showcases cover a broad range of available solutions, from demos and videos on Remote Services, Data Analytics, 3D-Printing to Virtual and Augmented Reality. Take the opportunity to experience the latest innovative solutions for Digitalization and Energy Transition with your own eyes!

Data Science Hub

At the DigiHub, our team of data scientists are pushing forward cutting-edge projects involving artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve predictive maintenance algorithms and advanced visualization tools.

University collaboration

To ensure that we are continuously at the forefront of scientific research, our Data Science Hub has established strong collaborations with universities and is sponsoring the investigations of multiple PhDs to develop advanced models in data analytics. 

Data visualization

Joining diverse sets of data from power plants in a simple visualization tool we are able to detect operation anomalies at a glance such as anomaly detection or operation monitoring.

Predictive maintenance

Using sensor data from energy systems and IoT technology, we are able to predict future maintenance events of on-site machinery before failure happens, avoiding unplanned downtime and propelling an increase in operating efficiency and logistic precision.



Benefiting from an environment favorable to innovation, we are engaged in start-up collaboration and constantly seek new development opportunities. Siemens Energy also has its own blockchain startup developed by our spanish team, an innovative peer-to-peer platform for renewable energy transactions: e-ing3ni@, that has been developed in less than a year!

This blockchain platform acts as a marketplace between producers and retailers and enables users to buy green electricity at the best price.


Its objective is to increase the decision-making power of end consumers within the electricity market and make different purchase options available to them. In this way, the consumers can choose the type of energy that they want to consume, purchasing in advance their energy source. In addition, this system stands out for the transparency and traceability of the electricity provided.


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