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Our standardized Omnivise Fleet Management portfolio provides numerous benefits for customers – with a set of solutions that are all integrated with the same platform.

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Technical details

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Main Principles

  • Full transparency for Plant AND Fleet
  • Efficient site-fleet collaboration
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Consistent user experience
  • Real-time data from multiple sources
  • Covering all assets / all vendors

Key features of Operational Intelligence

  • Fleetwide transparency
  • Higher efficiency in site-fleet collaboration and reporting
  • Integrative view on relevant KPIs + benchmarking capability
  • Pre-configured with KPI libraries + free configuration possibilities

Key features of Asset Diagnostics

  • Higher availability of assets + Lower maintenance costs
  • Complete workflow from early fault detection to case resolution
  • Pre-configured model libraries based on O&M know-how

Key features of Shift Management

  • Digitalization of shift data for higher efficiency and safety
  • Complete workflow from shift planning, shift logging to electronic shift handover
  • Enables Remote Operations (Support)

Key features of Dispatch Optimization

  • Sets the basis to connect market-driven trading, including spot markets, with the defined production potential of the fleet and its plants
  • Generates short, medium and long-term generation schedules and provides recommendations for cost and revenue-optimized generation
  • Supports fulfillment of supply obligations with optimized use of fuel or other resources
  • Also provides information to help support decision-making for fuel contracts, electricity contracts, CO₂ planning, investment calculations for determining whether to add capacity or upgrade existing plants

Shared platform for all applications using same 

  • Asset Tree
  • User Management
  • Data Archive
  • License management
  • Admin Console

for increased data consistency supporting cross-role collaboration 

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