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Omnivise Remote Services

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How Omnivise Remote Services (ORS) works

Technicians often have to deal with complex and unexpected situations on-site where additional support is required. Siemens’ Omnivise Remote Services (ORS) provides you with a live audio, video and augmented reality software collaboration with Siemens Remote Expert Centers. Your field workers now have expert information right from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to monitor, maintain and repair assets using the latest cloud-based communication tools, paired with innovative service offerings.

The modular Components of ORS


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Tech Development

The constant forward motion

We strive to constantly improve ourselves and make sure we keep up in a fast changing world. This is why we are working on and with Augmented Reality and Drones. In this regard we welcome piloting opportunities – please feel free to reach out to us ( if this is of interest for you.

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Omnivise Remote Service – How it all started

The idea to the ORS initiative was set in 2015 after Siemens was asked to support a remote outage service at a power plant in Libya that was well overdue for maintenance. Due to travel restrictions at that time, Siemens employees were not allowed to enter the country, making it difficult to support a remote outage service. The complex situation led to the development of a remote field service solution called “Remote Outage”, with a scope similar to a Hot Gas Path Inspection (HGPI). Siemens was able to help the customer with conducting the Outage completely remotely, without having Siemens personnel on-site. This success was the start of further development of more service offerings during co-creation and workshop sessions with the focus of addressing customer pain points and meeting market demands.


What our customers say

First Remote Service– GECOL LTP 4000F Libya 

“The most remarkable and positive aspect we can highlight is the realization that, even during this difficult times, marked by all the COVID-19 restrictions, complex and specialized engineering activities can still be carried out on an almost business as usual way…”
Customer in Hungary


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