RCAM® Dynamic

RCAM® Dynamic is a software designed to support Asset Managers in short- to long-term decision making. Based on asset condition information the software provides a methodology to digitize Asset Management towards risk- and reliability-centered maintenance policies. A great advantage is the customizable opex and capex strategy has proved of great advantage for all our customers. RCAM® Dynamic is integrable with any EAM system. 

RCAM® includes condition- and aging models to calculate the health index and forecast its development over time. By doing so, the assets (red cross) are driven ‘upwards’ in the Condition-Importance-Diagram (C-I), you see on the right. On their journey towards a higher risk, assets cross different maintenance strategy areas (colored areas in the C-I-diagram) defined by the risk-models, and recommend the condition-/importance based next maintenance or replacement due date.

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5 steps of Asset Managment with RCAM® Dynamic

The key to improved decisions is to apply the right models to the right data – Software itself is the enabler!

Do it yourself or Team-up with Siemens Energy

RCAM® is delivered with „of the shelf“ models to help accelerate your adoption of a structured Asset Management approach.

Your Asset Management journey can be escorted by Subject Matter Experts (SME) tailoring models to your requirements, e.g. available data, operational strategy, risk appetite, etc.

Your decision-making processes are adjusted to the new data-driven Asset Management approach.


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RCAM comes with two service levels: RCAM Dynamic & Consulting