Spare Parts Kitting for Industrial Steam Turbines


Spare parts play a vital role for both planned and unplanned outages (emergency spares) as well as for strategic reserve to allow a smooth execution of maintenance activities and thus safeguard a high availability of the turboset. Siemens Energy offers a concept to support the customer with spare part management. Depending on the operator's request Siemens Energy can provide a concept for basic or complete spare part kits - ready for parts provision on short notice. Siemens Energy will take care about the warehousing, completeness, integrity, timely delivery and re-filling of the corresponding part kits. Parts will be stored within customer's own country to allow timely delivery without potential long-haul goods transport and/or customs handling.

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About Spare Parts Management

Spare Parts Kitting

How does Spare Parts Kitting work?

Siemens Energy provides a sophisticated packing, warehousing, inspection and transportation process for spare part kits including OEM-Know-How to recommend the necessary spare parts without any additional planning-effort from your side.

Find below the detailed process and procedure of Spare Part Kitting:

Your spare parts will be properly packed in one or more dedicated spare part boxes depending on the number & volume of parts using color coded foam inlets for different components. An ecofriendly resealable preservation will safeguard the integrity of your parts for up to 5 years. In the box the parts can be easily identified thanks to the corresponding labeling. Access to the parts for your maintenance personnel or Siemens Energy Field Service personnel is easy as the parts have dedicated locations in the drawers of the box(es). A corresponding documentation will come along with the boxes.

The part boxes will be stored in a dedicated, air-conditioned warehouse (HACCP certified). The warehouse has 24/7 service and is secured with port security; all entrance activities are registered. At any time, yard personnel for handling activities is present. 
Our regional Siemens Energy office will conduct a yearly inspection of the spare parts to keep track on the inventory and integrity of the parts. If requested an additional pre-outage check can be performed. After the box(es) coming back to the warehouse, we will conduct a completeness check and offer consumed spare parts for refill.
After approximately 5 years the protection bags will automatically be renewed to keep the integrity of the spare parts. In addition, specific spare parts (elastomers) will be exchanged based on their specific lifetime expectation.

Upon your call the spare parts will be delivered to your site the next day or – in case of emergency – dispatched latest after 3 hours. Only the actual delivery services will be charged in addition to the contract.

Of course, the mentioned spare part boxes can also be purchased directly (without parts management by Siemens Energy).

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