SGT-200 Industrial Gas Turbine 


Since its introduction in 1981, the SGT-200 (formerly known as the Ruston Tornado) was revolutionary in design, meeting the advancing requirements of the power generation industry. Today, Siemens Energy is providing services to keep these gas turbines running efficiently on a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels.  

Why choose us as your service provider?

As the OEM, Siemens Energy can provide benefits to SGT-200 operators that no other service provider can match:


  • Extensive expertise in this technology
  • Over 70 years of gas turbine experience
  • Operational presence in 90+ countries
  • A global service operation center with large emergency stock.
  • Expert technical support

Our service offerings for the SGT-200

  • OEM spare parts supply
  • Engine overhauls
  • New gas turbine supply / spare engine
  • Inspections and expert field service team
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Long term service contracts
  • Digital services

Highlights of the SGT-200 gas turbine

Robust, flexible, and easy to maintain 

  • More than 430 sold worldwide
  • More than 36 million actual operating hours
  • Fleet leader achieved more than 245,000 hours of actual operation
  • H2 – Fuel can contain up to 80% hydrogen (by volume) with diffusion burner
  • Available in both single-shaft and twin-shaft configuration
  • Extended availability with high reliability
  • Easy factory and site maintenance including rapid core exchange option
  • Dual fuel Dry Low Emissions (DLE) technology for low NOx and CO emissions
  • High level of fuel flexibility
  • Compressor cleaning both on and off-line
  • Significant fleet experience

Axial Compressor

  • 15-stage axial flow subsonic compressor design
  • Variable inlet guide vane and stators
  • Pressure ratio: (ISO) 12.6:1
  • Airflow: (ISO) 29.3kg/s
  • Nominal speed: 11,085rpm


  • 8 reverse flow tubular combustion chambers
  • Conventional system - 2 retractable high energy ignitors - Cross lighting between chambers
  • Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system option - Single high energy ignitor in each chamber


  • 2-stage overhung compressor turbine - First stage is air-cooled
  • 2-stage high efficiency free power turbine - 10,950rpm design speed - Stage two power turbine rotor blades have interlocking shrouds for mechanical integrity
  • Anti-clockwise rotation of power turbine (when viewed from the driven unit)

Fuel System

  • Natural gas - Liquid fuel - Dual fuel
  • Other fuels capability on request
  • Automatic changeover from primary to secondary fuel at any load

Emissions Control

  • Gas fuel Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system - Bleed system for part load emissions control
  • DLE NOx levels of sub 25vppmd and 60vppmd on gas and liquid fuel respectively


  • Plain and tilting pad journal and thrust bearings
  • Vibration and temperature monitoring 

An axial-flow industrial gas turbine in the 6-7MW power band, the SGT-200 is a proven unit for all electrical power generation, including cogeneration; mechanical load drives, including compression and pumping for use in both industrial power generation and Oil and Gas sectors.

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