ValveEx – Plug-in Exchange Solution for Turbine Valves

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Discover ValveEx – Turbine valve exchange

Our service product ValveEx increases power plant availability and reliability by transforming valve life decisions into an adaptable asset management strategy.
The Valve Exchange Program (ValveEx) is an integrated service solution so that we can jointly manage the challenges (staying in budget, saving time, improving availability) of our customers’ complete value chain everywhere.
Vinod Philip, Chief Technology Officer 

Swap your power plant equipment for higher availability and reliability


ValveEx started as an exchange concept for fuel gas valves during an outage on Siemens Energy gas turbine and turned into an integrated service solution for gas turbine and steam turbine valves.


An outage is the best time for implementation of a new service solution. New or refurbished components, according to our latest standards / recommendations, are put into operation during an outage, while your equipment is sent to a Siemens Energy workshop to be overhauled.


This proactive program approach can eliminate Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) risk by reducing on site personnel and increases plant availability by eliminating the risk for unexpected findings during an outage.




Its all about availability


Our portfolio offers a wide range of options which help optimize your asset

  • ValveEx can help reduce outage duration related to a standard valve revision on site
  • ValveEx eliminates potential for costly outage delays caused by auxiliary components
  • ValveEx increases your dispatch by implementing valuable upgrades during the swap


Budget is tight


Our portfolio offers a wide range of options which help to optimize your asset

  • ValveEx optimized outage planning can reduce outage duration
  • ValveEx can reduce potential for additional 
  • costs resulting from unexpected findings 
  • ValveEx pool concept offers economics of scale to our customers



No surprises, please!

Our portfolio offers a wide range of options which help optimize your asset

  • ValveEx can take the standard valve overhaul off the critical path 
  • ValveEx reduces potential for unexpected findings during outage execution
  • ValveEx can lower potential for unplanned costs by optimized outage planning



Environment, Health & Safety

Our portfolio offers a wide range of 
options which help optimize your asset

  • ValveEx can reduce risk of failure of EHS relevant components, e.g. gas supply system
  • ValveEx can help reduce EHS risk by having less personnel on site and shorter outage duration




Plug-in exchange solution to improve availability and minimize potential for unexpected findings.

Regular service is required for smooth and reliable operation of all components in a power plant. Our product service lifecycle describes the stages a valve goes through, from disassembly to reassembly on-site. 


Once the outage has started, we replace the components with new or refurbished ones and ship the disassembled components directly to our Siemens Energy workshops for overhaul. In the workshop the complete overhaul with all checks is carried out, which was previously performed on site. Afterwards the components are technically ready for the next exchange. The refurbished components will be stored for the next outage. Rethink your service to enhance your availability.

How does it work?

Rethink your service to enhance your availability. It is also feasible to take advantage of a pooling concept with serval components. For further Information, please contact your Siemens Energy Program Manager.


ValveEx – Plug-in Exchange Solution

Nothing is more persuative than figures. See for yourself what it means when you choose ValveEx. It can pay off in every respect – from emissions, energy consumption, availability and reliability to reduced costs and maintenance-related downtime. Recalculate your service to maximize your availability.

Gas turbine valve exchange

Steam turbine valve exchange




ValveEx – Plug-in Exchange Solution

Would you like to save outage time and reduce potential outage 

extensions during your next outage? 


You can rely on ValveEx – our Plug-in Exchange Solution. We provide everything from a single source – from an initial ROI estimate to the feasibility study to project execution; and from providing all components to installation, assembly, and commissioning, including documentation and service by our Field Service Experts. Replan your service to maximize availability and reliability.  

Valve overhaul process

Siemens Energy brings its most advanced technologies for auxiliaries and control equipment maintenance under one roof. 


Inhouse workshops play a major role by taking this work off the critical time path and preparing them before the on-site works starts. 


Our inhouse workshops are ISO 9001 certified and our processes are well developed. We follow a standardized workflow which contains the following steps:


 Scope of work


A significant portion of the operating costs are due to the regular recommended maintenance overhauls of the power plant and all the associated balance of plant equipment. To reduce these costs, it is therefore desirable to limit comprehensive inspections to those components demonstrating marked changes in operational behavior 

over time or exhibiting a sudden change in quality. Measurements, control, and other diagnostic methods can provide early warning information on equipment conditions and their possible impending damage to components. 

Remedial actions can be appropriated ahead of the next scheduled overhaul based on this diagnostic information.



Profit from the expertise and experience of the market leader

  • Highly trained Field Service Team
  • More than 170 years of manufacturing and 
  • specialist knowledge
  • Products and services from the OEM
  • Construction and commissioning of more than 
  • 20 new power plants annually


Inspections and maintenance annually

  • Over 200 gas power plants
  • More than150 steam power plants
  • Over 50 conventional islands

Combining swap solutions

ValveEx and other components – Plug-in Exchange Solutions

Combined ValveEx and other swap solutions can deliver increased power plant availability and reliability. Customers can benefit even more from improved cash flow, cost reduction and continued modernization when entrusting us with the management of their major components, e.g. valves, combustion chamber, turbine vane carrier.

ROTEX – Plug-in Exchange Solutions

Customers can benefit from improved cash flow, cost reduction and continued modernization when providing us with the flexibility of effectively managing their rotors. At each outage, a just-in-time Siemens Energy qualified rotor according to Siemens Energy‘s latest standards / recommendations is put into operation, while your existing rotor is sent to a Siemens Energy facility to be updated and included in the rotor pool.


This proactive program can eliminate the rotor as a life-limiting component and enhance your possibility to optimize your assets with latest technology.

Replacement of high-pressure barrel type steam turbine for SST-3000


  • The installed HP barrel is replaced by a new or refurbished HP barrel in accordance with Siemens Energy‘s latest state-of-the-art
  • Refurbishment of old HP barrel takes place ‘offline’ while unit is in operation (in a Siemens Energy or local workshop)

Intended Benefits

  • The power plant can be restarted and connected to the grid up to 30 days earlier compared to a regular major overhaul  
  • Additionally, tailor made solutions like efficiency increase (Green MW’s), performance increase and power plant flexibilizations can be integrated
  • The HP barrel replacement is intended to optimize the steam turbine asset with regard to future operation reliability, as well as reduced costs

Generator Exchange

Replacing your rotor with a rewound seed rotor with design upgrades can greatly increase the unit availability and reliability.


The generator rotor exchange makes a significant contribution to the economic value as a conventional rotor rewind usually does not fit into regular outage durations from a timeline perspective – a seed rotor replacement usually does.


A Tailored Solution for your Plant

BEX “Brownfield Engine Exchange“ stands for the replacement of existing OEM & oOEM gas turbines with latest technology Siemens Energy units. 

BEX is a custom-tailored solution with the target to maximize the performance and in parallel to keep the overall capital spending at an optimized level.

We have 3 different base solutions in our portfolio:

  • BEX EcoLow - Investment, increased Performance, keep Output
  • BEX Performance - Medium Investment, increased Performance, increased Output
  • BEX Max - High investment, increased Performance, maximum Output
  • Efficiency: Efficiency improvement of up to 3%-pts. in combined cycle enables significant cost reduction and competitively priced energy.
  • Flexibility: Part load capability and fast ramp rates improve power system flexibiliy and increase responsiveness to electricity demand and market condition.
  • Emissions: Latest technology and high efficiency combustion system enable significant reduction in NOx, CO, and CO2 emissions.
  • Pricing: Reduced scope limited to gas turbine exchange enables fast return of invest compared to a new built.
  • Integration: BEX can be integrated and combined with various solutions such as Power-to-X or battery storage to provide holistic solutions for future power system requirements.
  • Hydrogen: Future-proof technology, capable to burn large amounts of hydrogen.
Reference Projects


ValveEx is already being used successfully in plants all over the world with many satisfied customers. Rethink your service to secure your competitiveness.


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