Brownfield Engine Exchange (BEX)

Upgrade existing gas-fired power plants with BEX

As the pace of the energy transition accelerates, upgrading or optimizing existing gas-fired power plants has emerged as a more viable option than constructing new ones. Thanks to technological advancements and improvements in energy efficiency, retrofitting older facilities presents a cost-effective means of enhancing output while simultaneously mitigating emissions.                                              With Siemens Energy's Brownfield Engine Exchange concept, old gas turbines can be seamlessly replaced with new ones within a short outage period.

Product Overview

The Brownfield Engine Exchange (BEX) solution is designed based on a plug-and-play concept, providing a streamlined retrofitting process that yields improved performance and efficiency for your gas turbine. By integrating our latest H2-capable gas turbines into your asset, BEX can also help future-proof your operation. BEX operates on three guiding principles:

  • Provide the flexibility to maintain the existing steam cycle or update it based on your future requirements

  • Develop a tailored solution that fits your unique needs, by involving transparent discussions about layouts, business cases, and Balance of Plant calculations

  • Integrating the new gas turbine package while reusing as many existing infrastructure components as possible, i.e. filter house, exhaust channel, foundation, and generator


  • Improved efficiency and power output
  • Significant savings on fuel cost, CO2 tax and maintenance cost
  • Fast start and load capability
  • Extended outage intervals
  • Greater fuel flexibility thanks to the latest DLE technology focusing on renewable fuels (H2 and biofuels)
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H2 capabilities in Siemens Energy gas turbines

The BEX concept can be successfully implemented on Siemens Energy gas turbines, but also on a wide variety of other manufacturers' gas turbines, too:


GE: Fr3, Fr5, Fr6, LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, LM6000

Baker Hughes: Fr5, Fr6

Hitachi: H25, PGT25


Sulzer: S7

Mitsubishi: MF1-11

MAN Turbo: THM1203, 1304

Westinghouse: W251

Nuovo Pignone/GE: PGT10 & 16

Rolls-Royce: RB211


Watch how the BEX application assisted BASF at a major outage. 

Support Services and Implementation

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