Brown Field Exchange

A Tailored Solution for your Plant

As the energy landscape still is uncertain in terms of pace of the transformation, the modernization or optimization of an existing gas-fired power plant has become more feasible from an investment perspective than investing in a brand-new power plant. Siemens Energy can support you with this modernization by offering BEX. BEX is a solution customized to your needs with the goal to future proof your site and at the same time lower the emissions and improve site profit. 

Product Overview

Brownfield Exchange is the Siemens Energy plug-and-play concept for the replacement of existing gas turbines with brand-new Siemens units. The key concepts behind this newly launched Service are as follows:

  • Maintain existing steam cycle or update according to customer future needs
  • Together with the customer work with Layouts, business case and Balance of plant calculations in a transparent way so we together will find the best solution for your site
  • Investigate if it is possible to reuse or modify filter house, exhaust channel, foundation and generator if needed to fit a new gas turbine package (gas turbine including auxiliary systems and I&C)
  • BEX is always a Custom scope for each customer / request to deliver the best possible value proposition

While it needs to be verified and quantified on case-by-case basis, the key benefits associated with this new service are as follows:  

  • Improved efficiency
  • Optimized power output
  • Improved business case and profit for the site
  • Significant savings on fuel cost, CO2 tax and Maintenance cost
  • Decarbonization of the site
  • Quick start and cyclic capability
  • Great possibility to optimize and prolong time between overhaul by implementing FlexLTP and dynamic lifing
  • Our Brown Filed Exchange service provides fuel flexibility with latest DLE technology focusing on renewable fuels (H2 and bio fuels). Existing DLE Hydrogen capabilities (% Volume) are:

BEX is applicable for all gas turbines in the range of 15 to 65 MW, where customer requirements can be met. Not only can this service be successfully implemented on all Siemens Energy MGT gas turbine but also on a wide variety of other turbines listed below:


GE: Fr3, Fr5, Fr6, LM1600, LM2500, LM5000, LM6000

Baker Hughes: Fr5, Fr6

Hitachi: H25, PGT25


Sulzer: S7

Mitsubishi: MF1-11

Man Turbo; THM1203, 1304

Westinghouse: W251

Nuovo Pignone/GE: PGT10 & 16

Rolls Royes : RB211


Visit Siemens Energy's Customer, BASF Group, to learn more about our tailor-made solution.

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