Advanced Compressor Cleaning System (ACCSpro)

Valid for following frames: SGT5-2000E (V94.2), SGT6-2000E (V84.2), SGT5-4000F (V94.3A), SGT6-4000F (V84.3A)

2-4 %
  • Avoidance of power loss of up to 2-4 % of maximum performance

  • Fuel savings due to increased compressor efficiency

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General Product Information

The combination of washing processes power up your turbine

Some power plant operators may believe that losing power due to dirty compressor blades is inevitable. The consequences of dirt and grime on compressor blades can include rougher surfaces, higher turbulence levels, deteriorating flow patterns, reduced cross section of flow, higher compressor outlet temperatures and lower compressor outlet pressures. All this can quickly add up to 2-4 % loss of power associated with reduction of potential earnings from loss of power sales.

The Siemens Advanced Compressor Cleaning System upgrade (ACCSpro) is designed to minimize the fouling of the compressor blades and vanes. While the cleaning effect of many conventional cleaning systems can last only a few days, our spraying systems, cleaning liquids and a combination of off-line and on-line washing processes can help reduce new fouling. A longer-lasting cleaning effect is intended to provide a more stable power gain and a shorter payback time. Including a compressor wash prediction analysis module can further enhance the effectiveness of ACCSpro.

This upgrade can be a cost-effective means to help you improve the overall performance of your gas turbine plant.

Your benefits

Benefits may include: 

  • Avoidance of power loss of up to 2-4 % of maximum performance
  • Avoidance of efficiency loss due to fouling
  • Fuel savings due to increased compressor efficiency
  • Lower water and detergent consumption
  • Increased reliability of your gas turbine to deliver maximum power at base load
  • Reduction of gas turbine outage times for off-line cleaning
  • Optimized cleaning cycles by implementation of the Compressor Wash Prediction (COWAP) analysis module. 

The cleaning effect can be even further enhanced with the Siemens Advanced Compressor Coating upgrade where a special coating is applied, providing a smoother blade surface finish on the compressor blades and vanes.

The ACCSpro upgrade is applicable for the gas turbine frame types SGT5-4000F (V94.3A), SGT6-4000F (V84.3A) SGT5-2000E (V94.2) and SGT6-2000E (V84.2).

The ACCSpro from Siemens is just one of the many innovative modernization packages available.

Scope of Supply

The scope of this upgrade includes: 

  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) optimized droplet number and size for improved cleaning effect
  • Frame-specific nozzle arrangement
  • On-line and off-line washing sequences
  • Automatic skid with interconnection to the instrumentation and control system
  • Interconnection piping from the skid to the nozzle system
  • Optional: Compressor Wash Prediction (COWAP) analysis module for cleaning cycle optimization.

We recommend that the installation of this upgrade be typically performed at a minor inspection. The skid and the interconnection piping installation can be completed before the outage. We offer a full range of field service capabilities to help you manage your maintenance and outage schedules.

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