Advanced Two-Piece Exhaust Upgrade (ATP)

Valid for following frames: SGT6-5000 (FC, FC+, FD, and FD2)

  • Designed for improved durability

  • Designed to support an increased exhaust temperature limit, which enables increased GT output on hot days, better turndown capability, and increased firing temperature when combined with thermal performance upgrades

General Product Information

Advanced Two-Piece Exhaust (ATP)

SGT6-5000F (F-FD2) frames were built with a two-piece exhaust cylinder (TPEX). Some TPEX units have reported outer diffuser cracks, tangential strut deformation and cracks, and baffle seal cracks. The advanced two-piece exhaust (ATP) was designed to address these issues on the TPEX and allow for a “drop-in” replacement. This means installation of the ATP is possible without any changes to interfacing components such as the turbine cylinder and the exhaust manifold, thus minimizing installation scope.

Your benefits can include

  • Drop in replacement for minimal installation scope (e.g. no replacement of manifold)
  • Designed for improved durability
  • Supports an increased exhaust temperature limit

Scope of Supply

The scope of this upgrade includes the following:

  • Advanced Two Piece Exhaust Cylinder
  • Installation Hardware
  • External Case Cooler
  • New dual-layer advanced baffle seals
  • Installation Service

Design features of ATP

  • Struts made of Inconel material
  • Increased thickness Stainless Steel flow path
  • Outer diffuser attached to exhaust cylinder by plates creating a thermally compliant flowpath
  • Designed for higher exhaust temperatures
  • Outer cylinder cooling to reduce potential for creep
  • Dual-layer advanced baffle seals
  • Drop-in replacement with no additional changes to the turbine cylinder and exhaust manifold expected


This modification can be implemented at any scheduled outage with sufficient duration. As of May 2017, Siemens has installed ten (10) ATPs.  For an alternate exhaust cylinder solution, refer to Single Piece Exhaust Cylinder (SPEX) for more details.

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