Fast Wet Compression (FastWetC)

Valid for following frames: SGT5-4000F (V94.3A)

1 MW
  • Power on demand for peak load application

  • Greater operational flexibility

General Product Information

Get more power for more flexibility

Siemens developed Flex-Power Services™ to offer you solutions for a wide range of aspects of the changed operational requirements, such as power on demand and grid services. As part of Flex-Power Services™ the Fast Wet Compression upgrade can help increase your plant’s operational flexibility.

Fast Wet Compression is a consistent further development of our successful Wet Compression upgrade. While Wet Compression was developed to optimally generate additional power, Fast Wet Compression is designed to provide additional power in a very short time. It supports the operational flexibility by using this peak power for grid code requirements. With the Fast Wet Compression System, liquid water is injected in the gas turbine inlet duct in order to cool down the gas turbine inlet air flow by evaporation. Since the water is not evaporated completely in the inlet duct, liquid water is ingested into the compressor which leads to additional inter-cooling of the compression process. This is intended to reduce the power consumption of the compressor and consequently increase the power output of the gas turbine.

Your benefits

Benefits may include:

  • Power increase of up to 17 MW in simple-cycle operation
  • Power on demand for peak load application as well as for secondary frequency response or BLOC (Base Load off Frequency Characteristic) requirements
  • Higher exhaust energy for increased steam production
  • Greater operational flexibility
  • Operation closer to base load therefore at a higher efficiency level while the whole frequency response reserve is preserved
  • Increased amount of secondary frequency reserve

Scope of Supply

The scope of this upgrade includes:

  • Compressor inlet water distribution system with nozzles
  • Inlet duct treatment
  • Fast Wet Compression pump skid 
  • Interconnecting piping between pump skid and distribution system
  • Modification of existing control logic

We recommend implementing the Fast Wet Compression upgrade at an extended hot gas path inspection or a major outage.

Flex Power Services

The global energy market is changing due to increasing renewable power generation and decreasing power prices. This leads to new operating profiles with higher flexibility requirements for many fossil power plants. To answer this demand, Siemens developed Flex-Power Services™ for a wide range of changed operational requirements. 

Flex-Power Service provides hard- and software solutions as well as studies and plant assessments. Due to the nature of the changing operational requirements, the solutions will often be influenced by the overall plant rather than individual components only. Therefore, Siemens develops solutions considering the integration of e.g. gas turbine, heat recovery steam generator, steam turbine and generators in a combined cycle power plant. Flex-Power Services can in many cases be provided as a retrofit for the Siemens service fleet and combined with other modernizations. Implementing these state-of-the-art features can help power plant components remain reliable and increase the competitiveness of the plant in the changing energy market.


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