Modernization & upgrades for industrial gas turbines

Increased power, efficiency and availability

A gas turbine is a significant investment and as such  it’s unlikely you will want to make frequent replacements. Instead the most cost efficient means of continuing your operation is to extend the life of your current assets. Perhaps you want more power? Or maybe you want increased availability or efficiency? Siemens Modernizations and Upgrades can benefit you by enhancing your current fleet.


Modernization & Upgrades for industrial gas turbines

Extending the life of your gas turbine is an extremely cost efficient option.    

Modernization and Upgrades provide the latest technology enhancements to all of our existing gas turbine fleet and enable you to extend the working life of your asset.

Utilizing the latest technical benefits derived from our extensive new turbine development programme, Siemens has produced a wide variety of modernizations and upgrades for existing installations.

Key areas include: 


The benefits of modernization and upgrades can include:
  • Access to the latest OEM proven technology for extended economic viability of the asset.
  • Reduced operating costs through efficiency gains. 
  • Increased power, with greater availability and efficiency. 
  • Reduced emissions with lower environmental impact.


New Service

Unit Health Assessment (UHA)

Helping to improve the long-term operation of your rotating equipment

Improving the operation of an asset is a key goal for our Customers at Siemens, so therefore, equally becomes a priority for us as an organization. 


Siemens prides itself by being at the forefront of developing and providing comprehensive products, service and tools for managing our Customers engines throughout their life-cycle.

In order for Siemens to become a Strategic Partner for our Customers, not just a Supplier, we have identified a new service entitled the Unit Health Assessment (UHA). 


The UHA provides Customers with an opportunity to have a comprehensive review of their rotating equipment assets, with detailed OEM recommendations in the following key areas:


• Safe operation of the asset

• Reliability improvements

• Operations optimization

• Modifications and Upgrades 

• Spare parts (strategic stock holdings)


To find out more about this new concept, please don’t hesitate to contact your local Siemens Customer Support representative.

Customer Services

Customer Services

Evaluation tool


Siemens have created MyAdvisor, an internet based tool. By entering your engine data and operating profile, we can advise potential improvements to increase the value of your current Siemens assets.   MyAdvisor gives you access to the latest Modification & Upgrade information allowing you to compare what is available and request further details or a proposal.