Interval Extension – Compressor Upgrade

0 k EBH
  • (2400 ES)

  • Enhanced operation reliability

  • Reduced life cycle costs

  • Valid for the following frames: SGT6-5000F (FC, FD, FD2, FD3)

General Product Information

Recommended Interval Extension Products: Compressor

Gas turbine customers continue to look for products to increase availability while reducing maintenance costs. GT Interval extension products have been specifically developed to address both these needs. Interval extension products were developed to extend the duration between planned maintenance inspection intervals, which can result in increased availability and in some cases, may eliminate certain type of inspections (e.g. combustor inspections) resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

In the example below a unit operating at 50k EBH turbine inspection intervals now operates at 66k EBH turbine inspection intervals.

This change in operation provides the following benefits:

  1. Same number of outages and scope but extended over 133k EBH compared to 100k EBH, helping to reduce overall maintenance costs
  2. Extended duration of 66k EBH between outages which can result in improved availability
  3. Typically, interval extension products also come with advanced Siemens technologies that can help improve performance when coupled with TPU (Thermal Performance Upgrades) products

Note: EBH = Equivalent Base Load Hours, ES = Equivalent Starts, HGP = Hot Gas Inspection, MI = Major Inspection

Key recommended interval extension products: Compressor, Combustor and Turbine

The following section highlights available recommended interval extension options for the compressor section.  

For turbine and combustor interval extension products, please refer to the following:

Advanced Compressor (66k EBH/ 1200 ES)

Applicable Frames: SGT6-5000F (FC, FD, FD2, FD3)

Your benefits can include

  • Enhanced operation reliability
  • Increase in hours between planned inspections (up to 66k EBH)
  • Reduced life cycle costs

Product features:

  • New tie bar design Row 6 diaphragm
  • Advanced coating on the diaphragm shrouds and blade ring grooves of Row 7 and 8

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