Service Package 6

Valid for following frames: SGT5-4000F (V94.3A)

1 MW
  • Increased gas turbine efficiency of up to 0.5 %-pts. in simple-cycle operation

  • Lower fuel consumption costs

General Product Information

Solution to enhance your operational flexibility

One of the innovative solutions offered by Siemens Power Service to help you improve the performance and flexibility of your gas turbine and your competitiveness is the Service Package 6 upgrade.

The Service Package 6 combines upgrades of proven technology including improved turbine blading design and enhanced combustion technology. As Original Equipment Manufacturer, Siemens has introduced its extensive field experience and comprehensive engineering evaluation into the development of the Service Package 6.

The Service Package 6 typically includes a turbine performance upgrade modifying key compressor and turbine components and hot gas parts designed to allow a significant firing temperature increase. This modernization has been designed to help yield a power increase, heat rate improvement and additional exhaust energy. These results are reached by the new turbine blade and vane designs and new coatings. In addition, this service upgrade provides the foundation to further enhance the operational flexibility of your gas turbine and performance advantages that may result in financial benefits.

The Service Package 6 upgrade provides performance advantages and offers attractive financial payback options.

Your benefits

The Service Package 6 upgrade can offer you a clear technical and monetary benefit and can be a cost-effective means to help you improve the overall performance of your gas turbine and combined cycle power plant integrating various technical solutions.



Benefits may include:

  • More operational flexibility for intermediate and cyclic operation
  • Increased gas turbine power output of up to 17 MW in simple-cycle operation*
  • 22 MW higher combined cycle power output
  • Increased gas turbine efficiency of up to 0.53 %-pts. in simple-cycle operation*
  • Increased part load efficiency
  • Lower fuel consumption costs
  • Reduction of emissions during part and base load operation at constant turbine inlet temperatures
  • Reduction of sulfur deposits inside the burner fuel gas system typically at fuel gas preheating temperatures higher than 60°C

*) Subject to specific technical plant evaluation, expected values with test tolerances @ ISO condition.

The Service Package 6 upgrade is state-of-the-art for new Siemens gas turbines of the frame type SGT5-4000F (V94.3A) manufactured since August 2008. The Service Package 6 upgrade may be combined with other modernizations like the Advanced Stability Margin Controller or the Fast Load Gradient Upgrade.



Scope of Supply

The Service Package 6 upgrade from Siemens is just one of the many innovative modernization packages available. The scope of this upgrade includes optimized hot gas path, turbine and compressor components including instrumentation and control modifications.

  • Implementation of improved turbine blades and vanes
  • Turbine ring segments and turbine vane carrier with modified cooling holes for turbine leakage air reduction
  • Improved metallic heat shield design
  • Cooling air reduced combustion chamber with improved cooling air pattern, new impingement cooled tile holders and optimized ceramic heat shields
  • Premix-Pilot burner and diagonal swirler with reduced swirl


Optimized compressor components:

  • New inlet guide vane and the first two stages of compressor blades and vanes
  • New hydraulic inlet guide vane actuator and position sensor
  • New combined axial and radial compressor bearing with hydraulic axial shifting device and required hydraulic pump skid


Modification of auxiliary systems: 

  • Modification of auxiliary systems for inlet guide vane adjusting device, hydraulic clearance optimization, two stage burner operation, and the fuel gas preheating equipment

We recommend installing this upgrade at a major outage. Siemens Power Service offers a full range of field service capabilities to help you manage your maintenance and outage schedules. The Service Package 6 is retrofitable and applicable for the SGT5-4000F (V94.3A) frame.

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