Starting Reliability Package

Valid for following frames: SGT5-4000F (V94.3A), SGT6-4000F (V84.3A)

  • Increased starting reliability

  • Increased gas turbine availability

General Product Information

Reliable starts for stable performance

The reliability and availability of power plants typically begins with the gas turbine start-up procedure. Siemens Engineering identified and analyzed the major components influencing the starting reliability. The Starting Reliability Package contains a bundle of several improvements e.g. regarding the ignition system, the draining of pipes and valves and the flame monitoring hardware.

Your benefits

The Starting Reliability Package offers you a clearly technical and monetary quantifiable benefit and can be a cost-effective means to help you improve the overall reliability, availability and flexibility of your operating plant.


Benefits can include:

  • Increased starting reliability
  • Increased gas turbine availability
  • Improved operational safety

The Starting Reliability Package features Siemens’ state-of-the-art-technology and has been standard for new Siemens Gas Turbines of the frame type SGT5-4000F and SGT6-4000F manufactured since 2010.

Scope of Supply

The Starting Reliability Package from Siemens is just one of the many innovative modernization packages available.

Depending on the actual configuration of your gas turbine, the scope of this package can include: 

  • Installation of modified igniters
  • Heat resistant igniter cable
  • Exchange ignition cable holder
  • New constant speed ignition logic
  • Online ignition monitoring system
  • Improved drying procedure after Compressor offline washing
  • Automatic draining system fuel gas
  • Blow-off valves with larger actuator
  • Modified flame monitoring system

The Starting Reliability Package with the above mentioned scope of supply is applicable for the SGT5-4000F (V94.3A) and for the SGT6-4000F (V84.3A) frames and may be combined with other modernizations.

We recommend that the installation of this upgrade be performed at a major outage. Siemens Power Service offers a full range of field service capabilities to help you manage your maintenance and outage schedules.

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