Generator Exciter Modernizations

Mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses during operation as well as extraordinary grid events can accelerate ageing of the excitation system. In order to help maintain the availability on a high level, we offer several modernization measures for your excitation system.

Our Exciter Modernization Concepts in Detail

Brushless Exciters

Brushless exciters are sometimes used for large generators to provide a solution for transmitting the required current to the rotor. Siemens can inspect the exciter components to identify potential weak points and for further operation to determine a cost-effective solution based on findings.


Components such as fuses, bearing shells, filters and gaskets are typically replaced in a standard overhaul. A typical lifetime extension scope on a brushless exciter can include the replacement of parts like steel wire bandages, diodes or the overall electrical installation of the exciter. Loosening of the bandages can result in deformation of the rotor winding and thus in damage to the main exciter rotor. Further exciter measures can be performed, which can include the installation of new monitoring systems.


Additionally, Siemens offers complete brushless exciter machines and the matching excitation systems as replacement solutions.


Getting in touch

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