DR-SST Footprint Solution

Footprint Concept

With the footprint concept, the turbine and all its components are modernized but their dimensions and the positioning of the flanges are not changed, with the result that they can be perfectly integrated into the existing infrastructure. In the process, it’s possible to determine exactly which turbine components should be reworked to improve efficiency or performance.

Footprint Concept in Detail

Existing turbine is completely removed

  • The entire turbine is removed from the existing infrastructure without the need for further investments in connecting cables and terminals

New turbine is inserted

  • The entire machine is replaced by a fully updated turbine
  • The components that are replaced are described in more detail below

Modernization components

  • Customized technical solution for the entire steam path
  • Tailored outer casing to the new requirements (improved material)
  • Dimensions and positioning of the terminals are not changed
  • All the stationary components are replaced to guarantee optimal interaction with the turbine rotor, including the blading

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