Reference: Power Upgrade with new Inner Casing

Project Description

Steam turbine availability is of crucial importance, especially in ethylene refineries. Based on positive experiences with Siemens, the customer decided to pursue a revamp because they trust the Siemens OEM solution. The customer, who has one of the largest ethylene plants in Asia, was built in 21th century and aiming for a power upgrade in order to operate the driven compressor with a higher gas mass flow. Since the degradation of the compressor can be covered by the higher speed /power output, the customer was also interested in an availability increase for their SST-600 steam turbine.


The modernization was successfully executed in 2019 within the scheduled time frame. With the goal to increase the power output while keeping the speed of the compressor the same, a new inner casing with an additional nozzle segment and an integrated guide blade carrier to accommodate the higher live steam flow was implemented. The inner casing was optimized for the new operating conditions and manufactured to fit in the existing outer casing. In addition, the spare rotor of the turbine was modified.

Customer Value

Once the project was completed, the performance of the turbine was improved with an increase in power output of 5% and more availability.

The execution on-site lasted approx. 6 weeks, whereby Major Overhauls of a compressor and two additional trains had to be carried out as well.