Reduce costs through technical product simulation

Efficient product development thanks to numeric simulation and analytical calculation methods

With the tremendous challenges involved in product development, product simulation is rapidly growing in importance. Through our development of products in high-voltage engineering, we have accumulated extensive knowledge in this field on all aspects of calculation and numeric simulation. Take advantage of our knowledge for your own product development to reduce your testing and production costs.

Range of services

The right software for every project

We decided early on to use numeric simulations, and we have rigorously applied them in the development of our own products. Various software tools from well-known manufacturers cover a wide range of physical conditions, making the right software available for every situation. Our range of services is rounded out by regulation-compliant calculations based on analytical methods. We would be glad to consult with you personally and offer solutions to your specific problems.

Benefit from the possibilities

Whether stress distribution, material utilization, electrical or thermal stress – through product simulation you can determine and evaluate the behavior of your products. This offers you an optimum design of components and saves testing and production costs.