Mechanical Testing Laboratory

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

The mechanical testing laboratory examines and analyzes mechanical functions and environmental properties and conducts e.g. tightness and temperature rise tests. Modern measurement technology enables the precise, partially automated logging and analysis of measured data.

Testing portfolio

Wide range of possibilities

The mechanical testing laboratory comprises a high-current system for temperature rise tests at 50/60 Hz AC, several temperature chambers and control and measuring systems for the performance of continuous switching tests.

Extract from the testing portfolio of the mechanical testing laboratory

  • Lifetime tests and mechanical endurance tests
  • High-current tests and temperature rise tests
  • Tightness tests and pressure tests
  • Low and high-temperature tests
  • IP degree of protection tests
  • Measurement of sound pressure level
  • Foundation load measurements

A hydraulic, cam- and frequency-controlled vibration test system with vertical and horizontal acceleration permits the determination of break, tension, and compression parameters, testing of the mechanical service life, and transport and earthquake testing. We also perform and supervise icing tests and standard-compliant earthquake tests in external facilities approved by the testing laboratory.

The comprehensive portfolio of the testing laboratories at Schaltwerk Berlin at a glance

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Technical characteristics of the mechanical testing laboratory
Maximal current for temperature rise tests (50/60 Hz)
10 kA
Temperature range of the temperature chamber (2.4 x 3 x 2.2 m)
-60 to +80 °C
Functional range of the temperature cabinet (1 x 1 x 1 m)
-70 to +200 °C
Performance data of the vibration test system
Maximal power
250 kN
Maximum stroke
Maximal acceleration
100 m/s²
Frequency range
 0.1 to 200Hz
Weight of the test object
max. 1000 kg
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Current information

Benefit now from the new possibilities

Since March 2017 we perform temperature cycle tests from -65°C to +95°C on both, medium and high-voltage equipment, respectively, while stressed with test currents of up to 3150 amps and/or with test voltages of up to 100 kV. We also offer numerous DC tests as a standard part of our testing scope: dielectric tests up to 1,200 kV; long-term tests of insulation materials up to 500 kV; current tests up to 10 kA (e.g. temperature rise test).