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Benefits of SITRAM FreeCAM


Transformer oil, like the blood for the human body, can be a key source of information, when assessing the condition and health of a transformer. Through regular or condition-based Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) of the transformer oil, its operators and owners get insights on the health status of a transformer and the development of it. That is why DGA of transformer oil are at the center of regular diagnostic activities for transformers.


However, the DGA results are often hard to interpret, to track, and to compare. International standards, like IEEE or IEC, help to set transformer DGA results into perspective. But still the interpretation of DGA results is influenced by the knowledge and experience of the transformer operator or owner, or the laboratory providing transformer oil DGAs. 


SITRAM FreeCAM provides a free of charge solutions for recording, managing and interpreting DGA results. It offers not only a user-friendly possibility to map your transformer fleet with key details and visualize them via Google Maps. It also provides automatized interpretation of DGA results based on IEEE and IEC standards and gives recommendation for service activities.


Up and above SITRAM FreeCAM serves a platform to manage and analyze sound recording of transformers in order to identify Direct Current (DC) bias at the transformer. Together with the Direct Current Detector (DCD) app (see below), FreeCAM provides an indication, if a transformer suffers from DC bias or not, outlines the diagnosis and gives recommendations.


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Direct Current Detector

Basics about DC effects

DC bias are significantly increasing noise and loss levels at transformers. DC occurs from power electronics in the grid, HVDC interconnections, renewable power generation, or small direct currents caused by geo magnetic effects. Due to the magnetic conductivity of transformer cores, even a small DC bias can have major effects including increased reactive power current requirements and greater losses. Therefore, it is crucial for transformer owners, operators, or respective service personnel to detect DC at their transformers.

How to use

The easy-to-use app transforms any smartphone into a DC detection device and can be used by any person at site, either with or without internet connection. Simply open the link with a mobile device (preferably with Google Chrome or Safari) and add the DC Detector to your home screen when being asked by your browser.


The Direct Current Detector records the noise level around the transformer, processes the audio file, and indicates the DC bias grade on the smartphone. A more detailed report with diagnosis and recommendations can be received when synchronizing the measurements with SITRAM CAM. Therefore, please sign up to SITRAM FreeCAM, in case you do not have a SITRAM CAM account yet.


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