Redefining Performance

Teaching Old Plants New Tricks

Supporting your energy transition

Embracing the disruptors

As digitalization, decentralization and decarbonization continue to disrupt the global energy sector, plant performance becomes measured in more than just megawatts. Asset agility and improving dispatch is the name of the game. Plants must be more reliable and efficient. Systems must be smarter and more secure. And people must be protected and empowered. We are helping you navigate the energy transition with services and solutions designed to improve reliability and availability, increase flexibility, reduce costs, and strengthen resiliency, so you can produce cleaner and more profitable energy.
Forward-thinking power generation

Delivering integrated software and hardware solutions

Decentralization and renewables are penetrating markets and pushing base loaded power plants to operate beyond original parameters for a fraction of the cost. Generate more power and return on invest with services and solutions to support your energy transition.

Transforming plant data into valuable insight

Equally as powerful as the energy they produce, your assets and systems generate massive amounts of valuable information. This data can unlock the potential within your plant to improve reliability and availability, increase flexibility, reduce costs and strengthen resiliency.


Digitalization is changing how plants connect, operate, maintain and safeguard against unforeseen disruptions. Siemens’ digital services are paving the way for plant operators to obtain a more informed and judicious decision-making framework to support plant operations. This results in higher availability and improved predictability of asset-performance and helps you identify growth opportunities, reduce emissions, and boost profitability.

Redefining performance in real life

Improving reliability and flexibility, increasing flexibility, reducing costs, and ensuring resiliency aren’t just ideals for a vision of the future. Redefining performance starts today. Discover how future-oriented planning has already re-energized energy producers to accelerate their success.
Redefining partnership

The energy industry is evolving — you need a partner that provides stability

Meeting the requirements of today’s increasingly challenging energy environment calls for the adoption of innovative, dynamic and proven solutions. For more than 175 years, Siemens has been the trusted partner of power generation customers looking to fortify their competitive edge. Our experience and expertise translate into peace of mind for you. As the only instrumentation and controls provider that designs and constructs power plants, Siemens Energy brings to the table extensive process know-how, and unique customer and consumer benefits:

  • Stable process and less complexity leading to a competitive edge in the market
  • Best ratios on performance and price for more competitiveness leading to trust and customer satisfaction for further growth
  • Adaptability to meet fluctuating market demands
  • Savings and ability to generate more power and improve profitability
"The biggest challenge in our thermal fleet, whether it be coal-fired or gas-fired assets, is their ability to operate at lower and lower loads. We want them to be able to operate at lower loads so that we don’t have to take them offline if market conditions aren’t favorable. We also need to be able to ramp load faster and do so more efficiently than a decade ago, when they were really operating as baseload capacity.”
Spencer Moore, VP, Generation, at MidAmerican Energy Company

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The marketplace is fluid. Renewables are here. And cost constraints are the new reality. Let’s get to where you need to be tomorrow with what you have today. Redefine the performance of your plant and supercharge your existing assets for improved reliability and availability, increased flexibility, reduced costs, and strengthened resiliency.