Helping the world stick to a low carbon budget

The world’s energy systems need to transition towards cleaner energy at unprecedented pace and scale. With Siemens, it’s possible to do this.

Leading the way to a sustainable future

Climate change is real. If we want to build a better future for 

our planet, we cannot remain on the same path when it 

comes to energy production and consumption. Sustainability 

is key. At Siemens, we believe the power sector can set an 

example for the rest of the world. We’re here to lead the way.

It’s the Technology that Makes the Difference

When the Shanghai Orient Champion Paper Manufacturing Center needed to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption to meet increasingly strict regulatory requirements, they decided to invest in their own clean power generation. After considering several turbines on the market, the company selected two SGT-300, industrial gas turbines with high exhaust temperatures and class-leading steam-raising capabilities. 


The Result? 

24% less energy consumption

60%  CO2 reductions

20% energy cost savings per year

After the SGT-300 was first put into operation in early 2018, the 2018 annual energy consumption was decreased by about 12,000 tons, carbon dioxide emission could be reduced by more than 60,000 tons compared to the coal fired energy solution.
Chen Chaofeng, Manager of the Power Department of Shanghai Orient Champion Paper

The Green Energy Radar

At Siemens, our approach to decarbonization is centered on the “trilemma” facing every power producer today: increasing sustainability while balancing affordability and reliability. That’s why we developed a comprehensive framework of products, technologies and solutions that support the green energy transition of our customers both now and in the future. Our world-record-holding high efficiency gas turbines, cross-fleet services, asset modernizations and upgrades, and digital applications all make energy system decarbonization possible and easier.

Greener Energy on the Radar Making the Most of your Assets in the Energy Transition

A holistic approach is essential to making power generation greener. Hear from Vinod Philip, CEO of Service Power Generation at Siemens, as he shares how Siemens is helping customers generate greener energy both now and in the future.

Green hydrogen: the Fuel of the Future?

After the world phases out coal and switches to natural gas, the next step in the energy transition will be the decarbonization of the gas industry. Alternative fuels, such as green hydrogen, will play an important role in this process.   


Our new white paper discusses the economic and environmental value of green hydrogen for gas-fired plants. We breakdown the hydrogen combustion process and share how Siemens gas turbines can be upgraded to operate with 100% hydrogen capability.

Developing Decarbonization Roadmaps

Uniper, one of Europe’s leading energy companies, set a goal to become carbon neutral by 2035. As a longtime partner of Siemens Energy, Uniper relied on our experience and expertise to develop an affordable decarbonization roadmap. Together, we are reducing emissions from gas-fired power plants, including the integration of storage solutions and use of green hydrogen, a renewable energy source. 

Learn how Uniper is accelerating decarbonization with Siemens.

We are ready to invest and have set the strategic course to significantly accelerate the decarbonization of our portfolio. In doing so, it is important to bundle energies, act openly in terms of technology, and work with proven high-technology partners like Siemens.
Andreas Schierenbeck, CEO of Uniper

Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint?

It’s clear: the world is at a critical inflection point when it comes to energy production and consumption. To make a positive impact on the global carbon budget, energy producers must make changes today for a better tomorrow. Contact our experts to discuss how you can increase the level of decarbonization in your existing assets and develop a long-term plan to become carbon neutral.