Increase Starting  Reliability by 25%

To meet growing energy demands, power  plants need to produce electricity quickly and  consistently. Siemens’ comprehensive power  plant solutions help you achieve sustained high  performance with unprecedented reliability. 

Maintaining Reliability in the Face of Change

When a natural gas power plant supplies electricity to millions of people, unplanned outages are not an option. Critical organizations, such as hospitals and financial institutions, and vital social services, such as water, fuel and communications, depend on the continuous availability of electric power. Yet as the world becomes increasingly digitized, the need is not just for power, but for stable, highly reliable power. 

What Does it Mean to be Reliable?

For a power plant to be deemed reliable, operating assets must remain available. To keep assets available, you need solutions that mitigate the effects of cycling and identify components at risk of failure. As the energy sector continues to diversify and more variable resources come online, your gas plants are cycling more frequently. These additional stops and starts stress your plant, challenging your assets, budgets, and plant personnel to meet your commitment to deliver consistent power to the grid.

  • The average natural gas power plant is unavailable 5% of the time.
  • Unplanned downtime can lead to 3-10% total revenue lost.

Meet demands with Digitalization & Siemens Energy Expertise

Working with Siemens, you can improve asset availability, reduce scheduled and unscheduled downtime, and increase overall plant reliability. As the leading Operations and Maintenance company in the power generation industry, we supply assets, build components, and design and run complete gas turbines, combined cycle, and steam power plants, uniquely positioning us to provide total asset management. Together with our Omnivise Digital Services portfolio, we offer you a data-supported, collaborative approach to optimize your power plant operations and maintenance with customized solutions. We analyze your data, provide you with advice on making smarter decisions, and finalize tasks to improve asset-, unit- and fleet operations.


And our results speak for themselves. 

With Siemens, You Can:

  •  Reduce forced outage rates up to 25%
  • Increase availability up to 10% 
  • Save up to $XXX in less planned and unplanned downtime

Sustained Reliability Exceeding 99%

Siemens provides an integrated, intelligent, and comprehensive approach to protect today’s power plants from rapidly evolving and expanding risks. 


As a pioneer in the field of industrial IT security, Siemens combines industry-leading expertise, experience and technology to help establish highly resilient power systems that immediately recover from disruptive events and adapt to impending threats and dangers.

With Siemens Energy, the Toul Combined Cycle Gas Turbine achieves: 


Discover the value of Omnivise Availability

Predictive, rule-based modeling for early failure identification are central elements to the services offered by Siemens. With Omnivise Availability, 

we make all our expertise and manpower available to visualize and benchmark key performance indicators and operational data for early issue detection based on diagnostic experience. Omnivise Availability allows operators to manage and optimize inspections, periodic 

maintenance activities and condition-based maintenance, as well as balancing o¬peration and maintenance efforts with inventories of spares and consumables to ensure asset availability and plant reliability. 


• Asset Performance Management (APM)

• I&C Monitors and Advisors

• Diagnostic Monitoring and Protection

• Omnivise WebBFS

Increase reliability

With the rise of renewables, an Oklahoma combined-cycle natural gas plant had to rethink their maintenance to ensure reliability in this new environment. Plant operators at the Chouteau Power Plant use Siemens’ Asset Performance Management (APM) to shift from reactive to predictive maintenance. Siemens APM is a cloud-based service offering unprecedented transparency, speed, and new insights to optimize plant performance. APM increases plant availability by strategically scheduling planned outages and providing predetermined, reliability-centered maintenance recommendations focused on the work actually required.

Accelerate Outages & Extend Maintenance Intervals

When Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) needed to complete a major inspection outage of a gas turbine that provided 63% of DEWA’s gas plant power generation capacity, they knew they had to perform it quickly. With the help of Siemens’ I&C Lifecycle, part of the Omnivise Availability suite, DEWA was able to timely plan the overhaul process and complete the outage in 11 working days – the shortest duration ever in the global power industry. By monitoring the plant control system equipment, I&C Lifecycle detects abnormal system behavior, identifies weak points, and recommends optimal times for maintenance and repairs.

Avoid Unplanned Downtime

At the Tahaddart power station in Morocco, the plant personnel must carefully monitor reliability and availability to maintain the peak demand necessary to fulfill the needs of a growing population. Using Siemens Power Diagnostics® Services, the Tahaddart power station operates at nearly 100% reliability. Around the clock, experts at Siemens Remote Diagnostics Center watch over the plant and analyze the monitored data to detect early on whether equipment has deviated from the defined operating behavior. This enables Tahaddart to reduce periods of shutdown and shorten outage times. 

Improve Asset Reliability

By integrating operational systems and optimizing maintenance strategies, a Netherland-based combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plant has achieved constant availability, thus ensuring reliable power to over two million households. Sloe Centrale uses Omnivise WebBFS Plant Management System to integrate the plant’s different systems and processes into one efficient plant management system. Plant personnel can easily access key data, manage maintenance schedules, and optimize spare part supply. 

Our reliability is close to 100 percent and this means the country can rely on us. We have achieved this with Siemens Remote Diagnostics.
Glen Fallon, CEO of Siemens Plant Operations Tahaddart SARL

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