Powering through, no matter what

The world’s critical infrastructure is held together by electricity. Without it, life stops. To ensure a stable and secure energy supply, power plants must be resilient. Siemens helps you anticipate, adapt and recover quickly to stand strong against any challenge or threat.

What if suddenly all the power was gone?

Subway cars stuck in a tunnel. Electricity blackouts. A breached dam. Jammed telecommunications. These and other potential consequences of critical infrastructure failures can at best cause just inconvenience; at worst, they can lead to death or destruction on a shocking scale. 

Protecting Your Power

In today’s hyperconnected, Internet of Things world, electricity is the lifeline. Our critical infrastructure — water, power, transportation, telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services — is held together by electricity and electric grid. If power fails, life changes in that moment. 


Resilience is the key to future energy systems. At Siemens, we are committed to strengthening grid security and building a culture of enhanced and sustained resilience digitally, physically, and systemically. No matter the cause of a potential grid disruption, whether an intentional cyberattack, weather event, or global pandemic, we are prepared to anticipate and absorb those threats, adapt to them, and immediately recover.

Proactive, holistic power plant protection

The resilience of a power plant stands or falls with the weakest component. To reduce the risk of fault or failure, it’s crucial to identify all possible disruptive factors, anticipate incidents, and proactively secure the entire system. 

As the leading Operations and Maintenance company in the power generation industry, Siemens combines innovative technology and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to provide a unique three-dimensional approach to enhance power plant resilience.

It’s a law of nature that you can’t avoid failures. The trick is to incorporate enough fault tolerance into a system and to make it learn from past failures to become even more stable. That’s the essence of resilience.
Glen Fallon, CEO of Siemens Plant Operations Tahaddart SARL

New Challenges Call for New Strategies

When the novel coronavirus pandemic caused a global economic shutdown, power producers had to adapt to a rapidly changing operating environment. Workforce and supply chains were interrupted, demand forecasts were uncertain, and scheduled maintenance was deferred due to a lack of onsite support. During these times, the importance of preparedness and digitalization was accentuated. 


Siemens Technical Education and Competency Centers provide immersive, expert-level training on all Siemens products and solutions. On-hand wherever you need it, our global network offers core and customized courses in training centers around the world, on-location at your plant, or virtually through e-learning and augmented reality applications. 

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More Than Reality

See how the plant personnel at the French power plant in Toul use augmented reality to improve operations, training, and resilience. 


Perpetual Vigilance for What’s Mission Critical

The energy sector has become a primary target for cyberattacks. With a more than a 170-year legacy of building and securing critical infrastructure, Siemens stands ready to assist power plant operators in enhancing system security, detecting anomalies, and responding to threats before damage occurs.

Taking Cybersecurity Seriously


Peace-of-mind for Any Situation, Anytime, Anywhere

Southeast Asia's largest single-shaft combined-cycle power plant (CCPP), TNB Perai, provides power to over 2.2 million households in Malaysia—nearly 6% of the country’s electricity supply. Unforeseen downtime, whether the result of equipment failure, system hacking, or operator error, cannot occur. To ensure the power plant operates securely at peak performance,  the local electricity utilities corporation partnered with Siemens for remote and field services. Around the clock, Siemens supplies digital monitoring efforts and onsite expertise to keep the plant protected and online.

Siemens Omnivise Remote Services

Onsite plant personnel frequently deal with complex and unexpected situations where additional support is required. Siemens’ Omnivise Remote Services delivers expert information right from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) directly to the field. Using the latest cloud-based communication tools, your team receives fast access to engineering resources and parallel execution of tasks. 

Siemens Power Diagnostics®

Using Power Diagnostics® Services, we help you identify, assess and diagnose abnormal operating conditions and determine follow-up actions. Combining our global engineering experience, comprehensive online data acquisition, data processing and analysis, trending, security systems, and the use of an expert knowledge base at remote Power Diagnostics Centers, these services help you stay ahead of disruptions.  

Siemens Field Service

In the event of an unforeseen repair or outage, there is nothing more comforting than knowing rapid, reliable, and qualified on-site assistance is just a phone call away. With over 2,000 highly trained and experienced experts located in strategic hubs around the world, Siemens Field Service provides qualified and committed on-site competence for all types of fossil power plants to safeguard our assets. 

If we have a problem, we can call on the whole of Siemens’ experience. Siemens is backing us with its entire company through RDS.
José Luis Pastor, CEO, Energy Electric of Tahaddart

Now is the Time to Prepare for the Future

The world is changing. Markets are decentralizing. Renewables are rapidly rising. Digitalization is exposing new vulnerabilities. With so much disruption going on across the industry, traditional energy companies cannot stand still. Tomorrow’s power plants must act today to ensure operations remain reliable and secure no matter what.

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