Robotic Ultrasonic Technology Inspections

Two inspectors, one robot, no scaffolding, no confined space entry.

Siemens Energy has partnered with Gecko Robotics to launch advanced technology solutions to reduce plant downtime. The new robot-enabled ultrasonic solution detects early indicators of corrosion and defects at a faster rate while reducing 4X the inspection footprint.

Siemens Energy Robotic Field Service

Improve Safety Risk, Health, and Reduce Environmental Hazards with Robotic Inspections

Robot Enabled Ultrasonic Inspections

Siemens Energy has partnered with one of America's leading robotic firms, Gecko Robotics, to develop an innovative, safe, and data accurate solution system to solve some of power generation and oil and gas industries' most critical problems. The new robot-enabled ultrasonic solution is an elite artifical intelligence machine programmed to accurately inspect industrial applications and will now be included in inspection packages.


To provide customers with safe and proficient technology, Siemens Energy now monitors and inspects plant machinery while minimizing the risk of toxin intake and exposure to hazardous work environments upon inspection.

  • 99.6% more inspection surface coverage 
  • Eliminate risk associated with confined space entry
  • 5 to 10 faster inspections
  • Early detection of equipment malfunction and leaks

Including but not limited to:

  • Tanks and Vessels (i.e., fixed, floating roof, sphere)
  • Piping
  • Boilers