The smart way of operator training – from anywhere at every time

Fully digital cloud-based training service to train your power plant staff in realistic scenarios without travel and additional shift management on a virtual power plant. 

Find out how RentASim supports your training needs

Operating a power plant successfully demands well trained operating and maintenance personnel but usually requires time-consuming training at an external training facility.


RentASim allows 24/7 access to Omnivise-T3000 control-system power plant simulators from anywhere in the world, at any time. It can be used for on-site self-learning, coaching sessions or remote instructor (RIS) training.


Siemens Energy remote simulators provide realistic access to heavy-duty gas turbines and steam turbines in simple cycle and combined cycle-power plant configurations.


You can select the best fit for your plant from a variety of simulated power plant configurations available. Scenarios are updated continuously based on feedback from Siemens Energie’s worldwide power plant fleet.

Different power plant configurations to train various scenarios



Train different elements of normal plant operation such as

  • Hot & Cold Startup / Shutdown
  • Combined / Open Cycle load operation


  • Increase experience in normal operation
  • Increase process understanding
  • Increase adherence of timings and deadlines



Train forced manual operation such as

  • Offline compressor wash
  • Leaktest of steam turbine valves
  • Reverse Turning
  • Manual Start up




  • Improve competencies beyond normal operation
  • Compliance & reduction of waiting times
  • Increase the availability of the power plant



Train how to handle operational restrictions and unusual behavior such as

  • Load Limitations, protection shut- downs and trips
  • Leaks
  • Blocked systems
  • Faulty sensors




  • Avoidance of trip costs
  • Reduction of waiting times
  • Increase the availability of the power plant 



Playground to understand the correlations of the logic modules and the process. Different categories are available, such as

  • Binary Logics (AND, OR, FlipFlop)
  • Analog Logics (Timer, Monit, Calculations)
  • Sub Group Control (SGC, STEP, BRANCH)
  • Field Devices (Motor, CCTRL, DCO2 & DCO3)



  • fast entry for the controls in T3000 (for beginner and experienced staff from a different automation platform)
  • simply learn to read the automation logic
  • learn handle the possibilities and benefits of T3000

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