Asset Lifecycle Management and Optimization

TCS offers comprehensive Technical Due Diligence, APM Benchmarking assessment and Technical Plant Assessment to optimize Asset Lifecycle Management. 

Total Asset Optimization LITE

A basic assessment tool to analyse the customer needs and understand how the needs relate to the Asset, Process, Tools and People, based on a generic Status Quo. After close review, TCS suggests recommendations to improve.

Technical Due Diligence

TCS performs one of the critical analysis of the power plant with respect to detailed technical evaluation of risks and opportunities, rate the findings and provide information on investment and environment. 

Asset Performance Management (APM) Benchmarking

The Asset Performance Management (APM) benchmarking analysis is one of the key excercise to keep a check on the life of asset and performance of operation & maintenance processes. TCS performs the 3rd level detailed assessment of key aspects of the power plant operation i.e. business, technology and organisation with respect to risk, strategy, adherences and performance. 

Technical Plant Assessment

Further optimize your power plant to match changing operational needs. 

HRSG Condition Steam Assessment

TCS offers a range of analysis i.e. from general analysis to in-depth inspection of general components' condition, fatigue calculation and interpretaion of findings including analysis of all O&M data and testing of samples in metallographic laboratory.

Water-Steam Cycle Assessment

Under this specific analysis, TCS performs an evaluation of preliminary information, records thermal and design parameters, Setup Thermodynamic model (complete water/steam cycle) and suggest best in class recommendations with new plant standards.

Condenser Assessment

Evaluation of existing plant operating data, inspection of tube and shell side, air ingress measurement/air removal equipment, analysis of results/report generation

Plant Condition Assessment

TCS Experts carry out a visual inspection and the technical condition evaluation of the power plant and provided condition based recommended actions, focused and aligned with customers’ strategic goals.

Asset Valuation

Perform plant verification and technical evaluation of power plant or selected assets and provide condition based market value estimation.

Digital Maturity Assessment

To support the power plant in their Digital Transformation journey, TCS performs a gap analysis to capture digitalisation needs or potential, based on the current status quo of digitalisation of O&M processes, people, strategy & technology and generate a tailored execution plan of the digitalisation plan.