Training Instrumentation & Controls

Knowledge transfer to ensure optimal use of our technology

Making optimal and efficient use of automation and I&C systems in power generation requires employees with at least an elementary knowledge and understanding of the principles of the technology concerned or someone in a coaching role who can pass on the necessary expertise to colleagues together with good technical advice and analytical knowledge.


Our Trainings and Workshops

Siemens provides training and consulting for everyone from power plant managers and control center personnel to operating and maintenance staff in order to facilitate knowledge transfer and staff development and help you ensure efficient use of innovative technology. We run courses and workshops at our Siemens Power Academy and can also send our team into your plant to provide training on site. This highly practical training, which we carefully tailor to the needs of your people, is complemented in the area of knowledge transfer by our consulting services. Our team is on hand with advice to assist you with strategic and technical decisions too and can perform tasks such as analyzing the potential of your system.

Initial and refresher courses at our training centers

Regular training covering all imaginable situations and working procedures is an absolute must for power plant operators at all levels – including professionals who put their commitment and capabilities to the test time and time again every day.


Keeping up-to-date with the latest technical developments is the name of the game – that and extending and cultivating valuable existing expertise. Staff expertise is critical if plant resources are to perform optimally and availability and efficiency are to be maximized – and this makes classroom training essential.


The Siemens Power Academy is Siemens' professional training camp. This is where the market leader in automation technology brings its expert knowledge as a manufacturer of I&C systems together with its many years of practical experience in power plant operation. Selected specialists provide comprehensive classroom training for power plant managers, control center personnel and operating staff. 


Classroom training focuses in part on current equipment and the latest power plant technology and in part on refresher courses and training units covering current and older I&C systems. The standard classroom training program is complemented by a diverse range of individual courses. Proper training can reduce operating errors and largely eliminate unscheduled maintenance and shutdowns.


Your benefits:

  • Increased expertise and productivity of your operating personnel
  • Lower operating costs
  • Avoidance of operating errors
  • Less downtime
  • Lower maintenance costs

Demand-based instruction on-site at your plant

It takes more than technology to bring about significant improvements in availability and lower operating costs: the human factor cannot be ignored. Proper on-site training can reduce operating errors and largely eliminate unscheduled maintenance and the associated expensive shutdowns. A well-trained team can make the most of planned outages too, achieving more and getting your plant sooner back online.


Siemens can visit you at your power plant on request to provide practical on-site training for your staff in a 
real-world setting. The duration, venue and timing of events can all be individually agreed upon. We adapt the course content and materials to your specific I&C systems in advance. Theoretical courses designed with particular projects in mind can also be provided as on-site training in your own training rooms.


Your benefits:

  • Timing completely according to your choice
  • Increased expertise and productivity of your operating personnel
  • Avoidance of operating errors
  • Efficient use of systems

Assessment of the efficiency, availability, fail-safe performance, maintainability, safety and security of electrical and I&C systems

Any operator serious about really optimizing the availability – and hence the competitiveness – of a power plant must understand exactly how that plant 'ticks'. The more information the operator has at its disposal, the easier it becomes to draw up long-term plans based on a set level of efficiency, availability, safety, security and maintainability and to hunt down potential improvements.


The consulting service from Siemens offers much more than just good advice: we carry out wide-ranging analyses of electrical and I&C systems and their availability, efficiency, security and safety for power plant operators. IT issues are becoming increasingly important in consulting activities alongside performance studies and availability calculations. Analyses of faults, possible scenarios and influencing factors provide insights into availability risks, as do component and system calculations and reliability modeling.



Lifecycle Studies: the basis for the optimal plant maintenance strategy

We conduct lifecycle studies to analyze the electrical and I&C system components in use in your plant and present you with a detailed overview of their maintenance history and the associated availability of spare parts. This rounds off our consulting service.



Security Analysis: holistic security assessment to assess security levels

The Security Analysis element of our consulting offer concentrates on detecting gaps in the IT security of your plant. The graphical analysis shows you at a glance where action is required. The prompt detection and closing of security gaps plays a significant role in ensuring maximum availability for your plant.




Detecting potential security gaps – thanks to a holistic analysis of IT security

Our Security Analysis, which evaluates the security level of your plant according to established standards, ensures maximum availability for your plant by helping you to detect and close security gaps promptly.


Against the background of increasing cyber attacks and the use of standardized IT platforms, it is important to obtain a precise picture of the security level of the plant and eventually analyze it.


Once known, the type of deficiencies in IT security picked up in such checks can be quickly and effectively addressed and eliminated. Modular in structure, the holistic vulnerability analysis is adapted to your particular plant, reflects established standards, recognizes threats in five different categories and produces recommendations for action. All threats and actions and the final report and solution package are enumerated so that they can subsequently be assessed and implemented flexibly by the customer, for relevance and budget.


Our holistic Security Analysis offers plant operators a thorough assessment of IT security that requires little in terms of operator time, outlay or expertise and, in contrast to strict consulting, is specifically tailored to the needs of the plant concerned. Maximum availability is the top priority!


Your benefits:

  • Profound strategy generation to safeguard long-term plant operation
  • Calculation/enhancement of system availability and security
  • Protection against unauthorized access to IT systems
  • Optimization of costs and performance
  • Accountability in respect of RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety)


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