Future Technologies

Our future-focused technologies position us to advance boldly as a partner and driver of the energy transition. As we continue disrupting among the tech landscape, our focus is centered across these areas: highly efficient transmission and storage of electricity, power generation with even lower or zero emissions, and reducing CO2 emissions in industrial processes.

Explore the pathways of Hydrogen

Combating climate change requires the decarbonization of economic systems worldwide including all carbon-emitting sectors. More and more countries, regions and companies are committing themselves to climate neutrality and see hydrogen as key energy carrier to reach net zero CO₂ emissions in the future for those sectors in industry, mobility and energy that cannot be decarbonized by electrification.

Building a future energy system layer by layer

Additive manufacturing is about to revolutionize many areas of production. It enables faster R&D cycles and customized solutions. It shortens lead times and makes supply chains faster and more efficient. It enables the invention of new structures, elements and components that contribute to new, sustainable ways of generating energy.