MEA Energy Week 2022

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Middle East and Africa Energy Transition Readiness Index

The Middle East and Africa Energy Week highlighted that the region is well positioned to become a major supplier of sustainable energy to global markets. However, the area requires stabilizing regulations, significant investments and a substantial increase in collaboration to realize this potential.
“Climate change is already extremely tangible in our region and with every second we wait, we lose valuable time to make a change. Our MEA Energy Week is fundamental to bring together decision makers from the energy industry to promote dialogue and solutions for the energy transition and decarbonization.”
Dietmar Siersdorfer - Managing Director, Siemens Energy Middle East and UAE 

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Day 1: June 27

Energy Transition: Now or Never  

11:00 – 11:30   GST (UTC+4)

We kick off our MEA Energy Week with a 15-minute ‘food for thought’ conversation tackling the facts, hard truths, and long-due actions to stop climate change; laying the groundwork for honest discussions over the following 3 days.



  • H.E. Suhail Al Mazrouei - Minister of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE
  • Christian Bruch - President & CEO, Siemens Energy


11:30 – 12:30   GST (UTC+4)

The energy transition needs to gather pace if we are to meet fast approaching carbon emissions targets and stop climate change. How are volatile geopolitics in the Middle East and Africa impacting this energy transition, and could energy transition reduce geopolitical instability?


  • Becky Anderson - Anchor, CNN



  • H.E. Dr. Saleh Al-Kharabsheh - Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Jordan
  • H.E. Dr. Walid Fayad - Minister of Energy and Water, Lebanon

  • Ayman Soliman - Chief Executive Officer of The Sovereign Fund of Egypt
  • Dietmar Siersdorfer - Managing Director, Siemens Energy Middle East and UAE
  • Tauseef H. Farooqi - Chairman, NEPRA 

13:00 – 14:00   GST (UTC+4)

Transmission grids are the bedrock of energy transition; but various factors will change the market: from rising global energy demands to an increased focus on sustainability and renewable energy, as well as the expansion and interconnection of grid infrastructure. This session will examine how we can equip the power transmission sector for the energy transformation to pursue a reliable power supply.



  • Wael Mahdi - Senior Business Editor & Author, Arab News



  • Dr. Afif Al Yafei - CEO, TRANSCO

  • Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim - CEO, GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)
  • Thorsten Schwarz, Executive Director Grid Technology & Projects, ENOWA - NEOM
  • Tim Holt - Executive Board Member, Siemens Energy

15:00 – 15:15   GST (UTC+4)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions that followed have spiked oil prices and forced countries to reconsider their energy supplies. Energy security has become a hot topic around the world as energy importers scurry to fill the gap in energy supply in an attempt to wean themselves off Russian oil and gas.


These events have led some countries to consider a return to coal, while others are accelerating their efforts to install wind or solar plants. The big question is, will the events that put energy security in the spotlight be the catalyst that will expedite the energy transition or will it slow it down and threaten to derail our long-term goals to mitigate climate change?


  • Brandy Scott - Presenter, Dubai Eye



  • Pierre Samaties - Partner, Roland Berger 


15:30 – 16:30   GST (UTC+4)

If climate change is slowly killing our planet, could hydrogen be the antidote? One thing is for sure, we need hydrogen. Without it, hitting the 2050 net zero targets is virtually impossible. The MEA region has seen remarkable progress over the past few years when it comes to hydrogen use cases, but it’s still not enough to turn it into a commercially produced major energy source. What do we need to do to move forward and make a green MEA powered by H2 a reality?


  • Cornelius Matthes - CEO, Dii Desert Energy



  • Alicia Eastman - Co-Founder & Managing Director, InterContinental Energy
  • James Mnyupe - Presidential Economic Advisor, Government of The Republic of Namibia
  • Nabil Nuaim - Chief Digital Officer, Saudi Aramco
  • Stefano Innocenzi - SVP New Energy Business, Siemens Energy

Day 2: June 28

Energy for All: A Myth or a Possibility?   

11:00 – 11:15   GST (UTC+4)

South Africa is currently facing a peculiar energy trilemma between balancing sustainability, affordability, and reliability. This session will put the spotlight on the country’s journey to a ‘just energy transition’ amidst a shift from coal to lower carbon emissions.


  • Michael Avery - Anchor, Hot Business on HOT 102.7 FM
  • Joanne Coetzee Bate - COO, Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa

11:30 – 12:15   GST (UTC+4)

As commodity prices soar and leaders around the world rightly worry about cleaner energy sources and greater sustainability, millions of people in Africa still lack basic access to electricity. Around 660 million to be precise. Africa is a curious case indeed when it comes to energy and in this session we bring the energy security vs transition debate to the table. Can we talk about energy security when we are yet to generate enough to meet current and rising demands in the continent? Do we have the right facilities to ensure energy security in generation, storage and transmission of energy? Is Africa ready for green and sustainable solutions?


  • Rotimi Thomas - CEO and Co-Founder,



  • Edu Okeke - Managing Director & Chairman, Azura Power, Nigeria

  • John Smelcer - Head of Business Development, Globeleq

  • Nadja Haakansson - Africa Managing Director, Siemens Energy

  • Tobias Bischof Niemz - Africa Managing Director, Enertrag

  • Zanele Mavuso Mbatha - CEO, Bambili Energy

13:00 – 14:00   GST (UTC+4)

Volatile geopolitics are causing an energy trilemma. Nations are rethinking the balance between desire for security of energy supply, energy prices, and sustainability. How can we finance innovation and long-term energy projects in this maelstrom, and is there an opportunity to leverage a faster energy transition in this environment?


  • Mustafa Alrawi - Assistant Editor in Chief, The National 



  • Bruce Johnson - Associate Director, Structured Finance, Treasury and Insurance, Masdar 
  • Eva Steinhaus - Director, Competence Center for German Export Finance  

  • Maria Ferraro - CFO, Siemens Energy
  • Sarah Pirzada Usmani - Managing Director, Head of Sustainable, Asset & Project Finance, FAB
  • Shada El Borno, Managing Director, Regional Head of Global Subsidiaries, MENAP, Standard Chartered

14:30 – 15:30   GST (UTC+4)

With the threats of a climate crisis and energy security looming, the rise of renewables has become more crucial than ever for the future of our planet. While the impact on the environment is undisputed, what are the benefits of the energy transition for the economy, society, and the wellbeing of individuals?


  • Ana Rovzar - Head of International Partnerships, RES4Africa Foundation



  • Andrea Gattini - Head of Business Development Middle East & Africa, ENEL Green Power 
  • Ben Backwell - CEO, Global Wind Energy Council
  • Christopher Cantelmi - Principal, Infrastructure Investment EMENA, International Finance Corporation
  • Paulo Soares - CEO Onshore SEAL, Siemens Gamesa

16:00 – 16:15   GST (UTC+4) 

With the energy sector being the largest emitter of CO₂, surpassing all other sectors combined, the urgency for joint action to accelerate the energy transformation could not be clearer. But what is the best way to build a partnership for such a complex challenge? Which entities need to work together to speed up the energy transition and what are the success factors?


  • Christian Bruch - President & CEO, Siemens Energy
  • Francesco La Camera - Director-General, IRENA


Day 3: June 29

New Energy, New Future

11:00 – 11:20   GST (UTC+4)

Global action is the only way forward to face the global energy challenges of today. COP 27 taking place this year at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, during a very challenging year on a global level, can be one of the key drivers to further bridge the ties between Europe and the region. This fireside chat will be exploring how Egypt will be tapping on COP to enable an inclusive energy transition for all.


  • Dan Murphy - Anchor & Correspondent, CNBC



  • H.E. Ambassador Mohamed Nasr - Director of the Environment and Sustainable Development department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Lead Negotiator for COP 27

11:30 – 12:30   GST (UTC+4)

Climate change is the most pressing topic of our time and it is an issue that concerns each and every one of us. We are very familiar with the narrative and views of industry leaders and lawmakers, but what about other perspectives? Younger generations have just as much to say. Let’s talk energy challenges and the future of our planet with young leaders, climate activists and influential public figures.



  • Amneh  Alkhatib - Communications  and Thought Leadership Specialist, Siemens Energy



  • Abdallah Abu-Sheikh - Co-founder & CEO, Barq

  • Anas Marwah - Content Creator
  • Evelyn Acham - Climate Justice Activist, Rise Up Movement 

  • Joel Michael - Environmentalist & Founder of Oceans and Us


14:00 – 15:00   GST (UTC+4)

Around €50 trillion will be needed by 2050 to shift the global economy to net-zero emissions. We must massively expand the use of renewable energies in order to carry out the energy transition successfully. While the share of renewables rose by 8% globally in 2021, a global supply crunch of some of the major components needed in the energy transition threatens to derail the race to net-zero. We will speak to industry leaders to understand the extent of the shortage and how to overcome it.


  • Amena Bakr - Dubai Deputy Bureau Chief, Energy Intelligence



  • Karim Amin - Executive Board Member, Siemens Energy

  • Khaled Sharbatly - CEO, Desert Technologies

  • Paddy Padmanathan - CEO, ACWA Power 

15:30 – 16:30   GST (UTC+4)


The key to innovation is to step out of our comfort zone and engage with the disruption and trend shifts in the sustainable energy industry. This session will explore the governmental, academic, and industry views on how innovation and digitalization are paving the way for a new world, and how key technologies are affecting the future, showing a new perspective on innovation within the energy industry.


  • Bankole Oloruntoba - CEO, Nigerian Climate Innovation Center (NCIC)



  • Prof. Dr. Christopher Hebling - Director Divison Hydrogen Technologies, Fraunhofer Institute
  • Prof. Lwazi Ngubevana - Professor, Wits Business School
  • Sallyann Della Casa - Chief Identity Hacker, GLEAC 
  • Vinod Philip - CTO, Siemens Energy