Powering Iraq's Energy Agenda

We provide power infrastructure that fuels sustainable development for society and economy

Siemens Energy has been a long-standing partner in Iraq for over 80 years, from building electrical infrastructure in the 1930s, bridges over the Tigris River in the 1950s, to installing power plants in the 1970s and 1980s. We are committed to enabling Iraq to meet the growing demand for energy while transitioning to a more sustainable and cleaner future.


Today, Siemens Energy’s technology distributes 60 percent of the electricity produced in the country.

As a trusted partner to Iraq we been driving strategic projects, especially in the energy sector with the aim of securing a stable, reliable, and affordable energy infrastructure as a foundation for economic growth and development.


Siemens Energy provided a comprehensive energy roadmap for Iraq that spans the development of Iraq’s power infrastructure, technical education, anticorruption, and financing. This goes far beyond just building infrastructure but and includes supporting the quality of life and future for the people of Iraq.

A reliable power supply is the foundation for a stable society. Electrification of large parts of an entire country is therefore one of the most important tasks of our business. Siemens Energy would work to ensure that this was achieved as quickly as possible together with our partners in Iraq,"
Christian Bruch, Siemens Energy CEO

Strong partnerships to drive the energy transformation and localization for Iraq

Siemens Energy's contributions to Iraq's socio-economic development have been significant, helping to improve the country's power infrastructure, create jobs, and build local capacity. Siemens Energy, the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, and various partners executed Phase 1 of the ‘Iraq Roadmap.’ We are ramping up towards phase II to improve the generation capacity, especially in the South and North.  

Phases 2 and 3 will focus on stabilizing and strengthening the national grid by adding additional substations, following a detailed grid study carried out by Siemens Energy in cooperation with the Ministry of Electricity to enhance the reliability of the national grid. The additional substations will improve energy access for Iraq's homes, businesses, and public services. 


Our development roadmap spans the value chain of energy, optimizing existing critical infrastructure and to support Iraq’s sustainable development and economic growth by driving local value creation through the following:

Power Generation

Siemens Energy has played a vital role in enhancing Iraq's power generation capabilities. In 2019, the company signed a contract worth $1.3 billion with the Iraqi government to build two new gas-fired power plants. These plants will add 1.6 GW of electricity to the national grid and help address the country's chronic power shortage.

Upgrading Existing Infrastructure

Siemens Energy has upgraded Iraq’s power infrastructure. In 2018, the company signed a contract worth $520 million to modernize 13 of the country's power plants, adding 700 MW of capacity to the grid.

Job Creation 

Since 2018, Siemens Energy has employed over 120 employees working on different Operation & Maintenance projects as well as the service and construction of new Power Generation plants, Transmission projects and Oil & Gas projects.


Siemens Energy's projects in the country have generated employment for more than 1,000 Iraqis, helping to boost the country's economy.

Technology Transfer and Capacity Building

Siemens Energy has been involved in transferring technology and knowledge to Iraq. The company has helped build local capacity and expertise in the energy sector through training programs, which will be crucial for the country's long-term development.


Over the past years, we have provided more than 1,000 Iraqis with vocational training and education, contributing to local skills development and knowledge transfer in Iraq. In summer 2021, we organised a two-day Anti-Corruption training with the Ministry of Electricity for 30 trainees to exchange best practices.

Supporting local communities

Baiji Clinic: Siemens Energy with the collaboration of the German non-governmental organization Stiftung der Deutschen Lions, has donated all medical and power equipment required for the rehabilitation of 

Al-Tawheed Center, a health clinic located in Baiji.


In 2022, the clinic received over 20,000 patients due to the wide range of services and devices added to the clinic.



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