Siemens Energy Dammam Hub: Made in SAUDI

A regional Hub to enhance local manufacturing and service the entire energy value chain under one roof!

Siemens Energy Dammam Hub

Siemens Energy Middle East is committed to the sustainability and decarbonization journey throughout the world. In Saudi Arabia, we are supporting the energy transition, moving towards sustainable energy, and achieving localization goals in line with the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and its net-zero ambitions. As a testament to our commitment to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have launched one of our most significant expansions in the country at the Siemens Energy Dammam Hub (SEDH); it is now one of the largest facilities of its kind in the Middle East and the region and where the first “Made in KSA” gas turbine was assembled in 2016. The hub, which began operating in late 2015, started making gas turbines and associated equipment for Saudi Aramco projects. The company has steadily grown its manufacturing and packaging capacity at the hub, including upgrades for compressor skids packaging and ongoing upgrades to integrate the production of Lube Oil Units; Water Solution packages; Additive Manufacturing capabilities; high-speed balancing; Rotor Assembly, and Rotor Manufacturing.

The Facility

The Hub’s advanced service workshop is where any rotating equipment can be serviced, from minor repair work over pumps and gears to to compressors, heavy generators, and large gas turbine rotors with its Hot Gas Parts. Our services cover general inspections, regular repairs, modifications and upgrades, and emergency services under 24/7 conditions. This expansion has brought with it an increase in local content and personnel to support plant activities. Through 2024, Siemens Energy plans to achieve ambitious local content targets in the gas compressor business, with initiatives that include localization achievements in local goods and services, including raw material sourcing, compressor part manufacturing, and final assembly. Other localization goals include increasing the level of Saudi nationals in every job category and extensive employee retention programs. This expansion will add value to our customers in Saudi Arabia because it will enhance the local manufacturing and create more jobs with a focus on Saudization. We focus on increasing competent Saudi technicians in our factories and have several programs to make that happen. SEDH is currently the largest gas turbine and compressor manufacturing facility in the region, including a full-fledged service set up to cover the entire product lifecycle.


HUGRS Project

Siemens Energy Dammam Hub is responsible for assembling many of the country’s compressor trains which are critical for gas projects in the Kingdom. One of our most prominent orders was to supply 20 centrifugal compressor systems for Saudi Aramco’s Hawiyah Unayzeh Gas Reservoir Storage (HUGRS) Project – 10 for the injection portion of the plant and 10 for the withdrawal portion. All the compressor systems will be manufactured at the SEDH. The plant will take surplus pipelines gas in the winter months and inject it into an existing depleted gas field. From there, it is withdrawn when needed to meet high summer demand.

Dammam Hub Tour

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Siemens Energy Dammam Hub Inauguration

Under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salaman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Siemens Energy Dammam Hub inaugurated the most recent expansion of the facility. The Hub contributes to the efforts of localizing the Energy sector in the kingdom while increasing the local capabilities covering significant parts of the Energy Value Chain.

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