Developing energy leaders with local apprenticeships

January 11, 2023


By Dr Fahad Alyafei, Chief Technology Officer, Middle East Innovation Center

As a world-leading energy technology company, innovation sits at the core of Siemens Energy’s strategy and will be key to success in accelerating the energy transition. But innovation requires many things, none more important than diversity. It requires diversity of cultures, ethnicities, gender, ideas, experiences, opinions, and knowledge. And innovation must be actively nurtured.


Today we welcomed the very first batch of Emirati apprentices to our service center in Abu Dhabi. This inaugural Siemens Energy apprenticeship program in the UAE has a long and illustrious legacy with our company, stretching back around 100 years. Many senior leaders within our company, and across the energy industry, began their careers as Siemens apprentices.


We want to create the energy industry leaders of the future and ensure that they are equipped with the requisite skills, knowledge, and focus on sustainability, that will ensure an accelerated energy transition and success in the fight against climate change.


It is only by fostering the talent of local youth and sharing knowledge that we can supercharge innovation. By drawing on regional diversity we become a more inclusive, understanding, and capable company.


We are immensely proud to welcome this first group of six Emirati apprentices, comprising four men and two women. These talented individuals encapsulate the finest aspects of Emirati society, with their drive, vision, ambition, and focus on making a better place for future generations.


Their 3-year journey within the Siemens Energy apprenticeship program will develop their knowledge, understanding and familiarity with a broad spectrum of Siemens Energy’s business, from customer interactions to problem solving, to installing and repairing our technologies and solutions,  with hands-on exposure, expert guidance, and international assignments.


We look forward to supporting these apprentices on their journey with Siemens Energy and the energy transition and look forward to expanding the success of this program in the years to come.