Readying Power Transformers to Energize Nigeria

August, 2022 | By Iain Packham

We have reached a major milestone in the progress of the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI) for Nigeria and have taken a big step closer to providing Nigerians with better access to stable, reliable, and affordable electricity.


On July 28, at the Siemens Energy Transformer factory in Trento, Italy, a senior delegation from our customers and partners on the PPI visited the facility as part of the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for Power Transformers that are scheduled for delivery.





“I am delighted that the Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) were successful. The transformers will contribute notably to resolving transmission/distribution interface issues in the power sector. Mr. President and the Federal Government of Nigeria remain committed to improving access to reliable electricity access to Nigerians. Also, I am confident that the Presidential Power Initiative will deliver on its objectives to deliver electricity to households and businesses across the country,”
Said Engr. Abubakar Aliyu, The Honorable Minister of Power, Nigeria.

The FAT is the first of many milestones for the PPI which aims to evaluate the equipment’s compliance with the functional requirements and verify that the specifications as agreed in the contract of supply are in line with the International Electrotechnical Commission standards.


“The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) of this vital equipment is a major milestone in the progress of the Presidential Power Initiative (PPI). We take great care and responsibility to ensure our equipment meets the highest possible standards so that millions of people across Nigeria are provided with better access to stable and reliable energy,” said Sean Manley, PPI Project Director, at Siemens Energy. 


With the successful completion of the FAT, the transformers will shortly be shipped to their various locations across Nigeria before commissioning and installation will begin, to ensure Nigerians start to see rapid impact from improved power supply. 


“The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was successful, and the equipment will be delivered and subsequently commissioned in September. I am particularly delighted as this is the first of the major delivery of equipment under the PPI,” said Mr. Kenny Anuwe, Managing Director, FGN Power Company. 


These power transformers will be part of the first batch of major equipment delivered to Nigeria from Siemens Energy as part of the PPI. With a total capacity of 720MVA this equipment will provide approximately four million households across Nigeria with better energy access. 


The overall impact of the PPI is expected to be significant, benefitting homes, communities, businesses, and industry. Local installation work is expected to create and enable jobs for engineering professionals, artisans, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. There are thousands of transformers, hundreds of distribution substations to be upgraded and built, and more than 20 transmission substations to be executed across Nigeria in phase 1 alone. 

In addition, the implementation of the PPI will facilitate significant training and job opportunities, in addition to the young professionals in the power sector that are currently being trained on power simulation systems and those that will be trained and certified to operate the new grid equipment. 

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