Siemens Energy Donates Digital Engineering Laboratory to University of Lagos

Siemens Energy has been an integral part of Nigeria for over 50 years and continues to play an active role in society as a leader in energy, engineering technology provider, employer of choice, customer, investor, vendor and corporate citizen.


As a committed corporate citizen, Siemens Energy considers it as its responsibility to foster sustainable local development by adding value to the local economy in which it operates.

On the 7th of October 2022, we commissioned a 70 million naira digital and engineering laboratory at the university of Lagos, Nigeria. With this laboratory, we aim to address the challenges and needs that university faces by leveraging our Company’s competencies and solutions.


This investment we will be providing the right tools to support future generations to develop the skills to tackle the challenges of energy security and energy transition.

During the opening professor Oluwatoyin ogundipe, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos said “This facility comes at the right time. It will lead to the modeling of innovations in the energy sector.


“It is also a major investment by Siemens Energy in the University of Lagos and will be used by the students for their start-ups or to create their own business. Now when you travel around the world, you see students developing their skills, and that’s what we want to achieve with this lab in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and skills development. This will affect all areas of life, be it medicine, technology or science. This place will come in handy. They’ll be able to see the simulation of some of the projects they want to do and also go where we have the 3D to print some of the things that they’ve come up with here.


“Investing in young people is essential when it comes to creating a viable future for communities and Siemens Energy has a long tradition of supporting education in country and globally”.


Our goal is to engage with future generations and to identify and foster talent from an early stage while promoting continued training and life-long learnings. The trainings in this lab will equip the students with tools and skillsets that will be beneficial to their growth in and outside of this facility and campus.

"Through projects like this, we show the community how much we care and how serious we are about making a difference. From all of us at Siemens Energy, we say it has been an absolute pleasure working with Prof Undeani, Dr Balogun and the entire- Unilag staff on this project. We are grateful for your support and we look forward to the impact on skills development this facility will have on the students and community at large”
Seun Suleiman, MD, Siemens Energy, Nigeria

So far:

  • Siemens Energy has donated S7-1200 Simatic Simulator Modules with both digital and analogue output which will be integrated with the high-end computer systems. The Simatic S7-1200 controllers are the intelligent choice for compact automation solutions with extended communication options and integrated technology functions. The integration will provide special modules that will enhance the application area of a whole system, Students can easily learn PLC programming as well as build and simulate applications for condition monitoring, troubleshooting a system failure, integrated weighing technology, simulation of input signal or for extending the power reserve, among several others.
  • We will be providing trainings to faculty nominated instructors/lecturers on the use of the Simatic modules and practical areas of application. The training will be delivered by Siemens Energy partner, GIL Automations Limited
  • We have completely refurbished a section of the Electrical Engineering Laboratory, removing existing features and replacing them with finer and modern civil and electrical fittings
  • We Donated economical and educational friendly furniture -
  • And high-end computer systems with contemporary operating system that can support any type of teaching and learning programmes
  • To further improve learning and develop better social interactions among students, Siemens Energy has added a social and faculty calming room environment designed to help students decompress, destress, and get ready to learn.


We hope that partnership such as this, creating an environment that nurtures and accelerates the creativity and talents of the students will lead to pioneering technologies that will be impactful in our country and beyond, making real and positive changes to our society